Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Special Dinner

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  1. Fake.
    A microwave meal is not an exceptable piece of clothing.

  2. Make that acceptable.
    My liquid metal is acting up.

  3. You can’t just tell women to be ready at a certain time, y’know.
    Natalie’s gonna come at 8:00 for the shits and giggles.

  4. He knows that.. The reservation is at 8.

  5. It should be an apron instead of a dress.

  6. There shouldn’t be anything there. He should cook the dinner, and serve it to her while she’s naked in bed.

  7. ^He’s not George Costanza

  8. One of my exes appears to have used this relationship advice. I think he found it under the heading: How to hide your psychotic control-freak tendencies by cleverly disguising them as acts of romance.

  9. What’s that symbol next to the heart? It looks like she’s mooning me.

  10. She is mooning you. It’s the symbol for “somebody’s getting sex tonight!”

  11. Awww my bf used to do this! But with his dink. : )

  12. No for the ultimate in romance leave her a can of whipped cream instead of the dress. Take all of her clothing and make it into a nest in your closet. Then put on as much of her makeup as you can with out the aid of a mirror. Once this is all done hide in your closet in the nest of clothing and hiss or growl when ever she gets close to you. Works every time.

  13. the note is a girls handwriting….hmmm.

  14. Friendzone, I like your advice only up to the whipped cream. After that, no.

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  16. @#9 I think it’s a pair of angel wings, but to me it looks like a tooth.

  17. Is that her own handwriting? Looks far too girly to be a straight man’s.

  18. ifitwerentformyhorse

    BTW, those are Forever 21 dress and accessories. Not that grand of a gesture, even if real.

  19. If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of this guy being whipped by his girlfriend’s pussy…

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