Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spell Check It!

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  1. Romelia is totally obtuse.

  2. There is nothing acute about Romelia.

  3. if I am understanding you two correctly, Romelia is a fat ugly bitch?

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    #1 Thank God the MTELs are working.
    #2 Jon typed his “About Me” in the wrong section.
    #3 I did a completely involuntary facepalm.
    #4 Romelia would still look fat from any angle.

  5. I love how easy it is to that beautiful angle 🙂


    ^^ so acutee!!

  6. I love being insalted.

  7. Better than being inpeppered. I have allergies.

  8. If it was Richie’s fifth birthday, Kyle would have blown Loran’s mind.

  9. More stupid people

  10. Eric: I’m guessing you didn’t go to that school in Cambridge.
    Loran: You’re a “moran”.
    Jon: You’re just…. ah fuck it, you made it too damn easy.

  11. And Romelia…. oh, Romelia…. try another angle next time, maybe it won’t reveal all your chins.

  12. LOL apparently she’s on probation. Perhaps for improper use of English.

    Who HATE being on probation?
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  13. How many times are lamebook going to post the angle/angel thing before they realise it is the total antithesis of funny.

    Fucking rediculous.

  14. Between laughing & the facepalms, I’m surely glad none of you can see my pictures, with all of my chins!

  15. Roman Numeral one is fake, Facebook uses a sans serif font it would look like ||| not III

  16. Jon took the words right out of my mouth. Though I could have said it better.

  17. @dibarnu: Not true. It is a mostly sans serif font, but the capital I is serifed. Go try it.

  18. dibarnu: Written in Tahoma, it does look like that.

  19. Fonts are fun.

  20. That’s not an angle it’s a diameter the moon faced pig.

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