Monday, October 8, 2012

Spellcheck Success

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Tara’s typing is giving me a Hardache.

  2. Put your finger in my ass.

  3. Taifuy imshala kheneel Jameel Ayna amshadta samadas ihy okbarn!!

  4. I read Tara’s status with a strong blackcent.

  5. Some people don’t deserve to live.

  6. Fake.

  7. That’s actually impressive spelling for an Obama voter.

  8. ^you’ve been pummeled to death so many fucking times you’re like some sort of haunted zombie piñata and now no one wants to fucking touch you.

  9. That is a great example of a ‘special class’ student.

  10. Fuck having to show ID to vote, what you should have to show is an iota of critical thinking.

  11. ^then no one would vote.

  12. Whoever wins the elecetion, at least you know they can never be as bad as George Bush.

    When did it become acceptable for people to assume the state will look after them? We pay taxes for schools, hospitals and the basic fucking infrastructure. We don’t pay it because someone gets so fucking fat they become incapacitated and we don’t pay it because some damn inbred decides to give birth to seven of their brother’s children.
    It’s like saying “oh, you’ve gained even more weight? Congratulations, here, have some more benefits that you haven’t earned, it’s ok, the honest, decent hard working citizens don’t need the extra money to feed themselves and their familes in a time of double-dip fucking recession”.

  13. *election

  14. stop making it about beating on the fucking poor. those poor cunts have got enough to deal with already.

    You wanna save a few fucking bucks? HOW ABOUT THAT MILITARY BUDGET?

  15. Bush was a lot better than Romney, the MORMON. Ron Paul for the long haul!!!! 2012!!
    Don’t let the lamestream media convince you he’s out of the race, he’s still in it!!! Take back America!!!!

  16. Is a hardache what comes before blue balls?

  17. Too bad Tara can’t express herself, from what I could make out of that post she actually seems to have a keen eye for the social injustice that is going on world wide. Unlike you antisocial pricks.

  18. ^people here are Internet Tough. So you can tell how whipped they must be in real life.
    Except me. I’ll kick your ass fo’ realz.

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