Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spot On!

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  1. because i can!!!!

  2. The last one is from “Mean Girls”..boring.

  3. i don’t get the second one

  4. He spelled kitchen. Just another lame joke.

  5. Really, how did one from Mean Girls get on here? Who hasn’t seen that movie?

  6. usmcbabe…who hasn’t seen that movie? well, usmcbabe, people like me who don’t really enjoy that sort of unfettered bullshit haven’t seen that movie.

  7. Last one funny

  8. beastephens..does your best friend’s mom charge money so fat, sweaty virgins can watch her cram an assortment of kitchen utensils into her vag via webcam?

  9. @MsAnneThrope Since you haven’t seen Mean Girls you clearly have no idea how amazing it is, so you have no right to call it “unfettered bullshit.”
    Because it’s really not.

  10. 15smiles… before I take your word for it, complete internet stranger, please tell me what your opinion is of the following movies:-
    This will give me a benchmark to determine whether you know of what you speak, or simply have taste buds located in the region of your rectum.

  11. That last status is just a line from Mean Girls.

  12. I like mean girls. They taste good.

  13. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I’ve seen Mean Girls once, but don’t remember any of it other than the fact that there were some girls in it who were mean; which means I know about as much about the movie as someone who hasn’t seen it but who knows the title.

  14. Mean Girls is why they jailed that blonde Lohan chick. 100% fact.

  15. MsAnneThrope, blah blah blah, angsty teen on the internet, wears too much eyeliner, can’t possibly like anything “mainstream.” Even though mean girls is a fantastically clever movie starring a fairly talented cast. You keep sticking it to the man though.

  16. iity. . . are you really trying to call lindsey lohan talented? cause im sure she is at the complete opposite end of that spectrum. and you are obviously what should have been, a quick abortion. fucking tard

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