Friday, January 30, 2015

Spread the Word

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  1. And the highest rate of teenage pregnancy out of any group out there… like Sarah Palin’s daughter.

  2. What’s funny is this numb cunt even edited the post – their THEIR THEIR!! Learn, you waste of fucking oxygen.

  3. Looks like a parody account to me… (But it can be hard to differentiate.)

  4. Definitely fake.

  5. Interesting, and not all that fair to those of us girls who do fairly intensive sport. Ours generally break because of that, not because we had sex!

  6. Interesting excuse – “I broke my cunt playing field hockey. Honest.”

  7. Spread The Word, (but not your legs)

  8. Lol’d at mj’s comment. “”broke my cunt””. Shakespeare lives

  9. Why does no one know that Christians for Michele Bachmann is a satire page???

  10. Yep, Mj’s comment is going on the quote wall!

  11. I love you!

  12. “I broke my cunt playing field hockey. Honest.”

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  14. Soooo – the way I read it, the more hynens a woman has, the more of a Christian she is?

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