Monday, June 22, 2009

Spring Break ’09 Triple Kiss!!

Spring Break '09 Triple Kiss!!

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  1. Gotta teach ’em young. Ain’t no question about that.

  2. There are so so so many things wrong with this.

  3. there is nothing wrong with this picture

  4. there’s nothing necessarily wrong with it, its just really lame.

  5. aww. thats so cute.

  6. Cute.

  7. awww i thought it was lesbos or something. it’s lame that you thought it was lame ._.

  8. wow, they actually paid a professionnal to get this picture taken.

  9. this is fucking gross

  10. This is lovely. Have you no heart, “hello”? Obviously you have no children in your life.
    I agree with Annie – it’s lame you thought this was lame.

  11. i don’t get it, it’s pretty cute, not lame

  12. you people are fucking retarded….

    this is so fucking lame.

  13. I don’t get it..

    A family picture…


  14. i think this is adorable.
    something i would love to capture when i have children.

  15. This is quite adorable and the person who posted it should be arrested for being LAME!!!!!!!!!

  16. *puke*

  17. This is fucking stupid. Soft-focus, black-and-white, pretentious and nauseating to everyone but the people involved. Everyone who thinks otherwise needs to go back to the icanhazcheezburger website or whatever the fuck you idiots are into these days.

  18. It’s a baby, it’s adorable, not lame at all

  19. Yeah, it’s not really lame; it’s esp not lame because it’s explicitly in a photo folder called “Maternity/Family Pics”, i.e. if you don’t like this thing you are perfectly welcome NOT to click on the folder and view photos such as these. It would be slightly lame if it were in the main folder where someone could help view it, but this is an ordinary family photo, no big deal.

  20. I don’t get it? It just looks like normal professional photo to me. Has the photo only just been blurred and was it originally showing the father with his tongue out or something? Otherwise I don’t see what the problem is. OK it’s a little bit corny to have it in soft focus but other than that it’s just an ordinary family photo which has appropriately been put in a “Maternity/Family Pics” album.

  21. my baby daughter died 3 months ago so i don’t see the lameness of this at all.

  22. Yep… don’t get why this is lame. I generally don’t care when people show me “cutesy” pictures of their children, but this is actually a fairly sweet, well taken picture.

    If this is what we consider lame now, there’s a few hundred thousand other pictures just like it on Facebook. Now if this was actually taken during Spring Break and there were frat boys in board shorts in the background doing beer bongs, THEN I’d say it was lame.

  23. Who runs this website!? The don’t seem to be parents.

  24. The only thing lame about this, is that it’s on this site.

  25. awww how cute! the baby’s first threesome!

  26. I like this, and not because it’s lame 🙂

  27. Christ on a cracker

    Aww how cute… I think I’m gonna vomit. That poor kid is getting a shit load of bacteria from his parents’ dirty mouths. YUCK!

  28. It’s hardly lame, it’s a bit of an odd idea, but cute.

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