Friday, September 4, 2009

Stalk Like an Egyptian

Stalk Like an Egyptian

Stalk Like an Egyptian

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  1. lmao!!! damn that’s like what the? Most of the time she was speaking/typing to herself?

  2. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey


  3. Why is Ahmed from Egypt a ‘dumb bitch’?

    Is Elaine calling herself a dumb bitch? Well, she is talking to herself the whole time anyway. . .

  4. ha! i found a guy at disney bitches! it actuallyis a good place tpgo. i live in orlando so always manage to have a friend or 2 who works there that can hook us up with free ticketsso we kno the place inside nout and we end up “helping” poor unsuspecting guys lol its cool when they are our age n rich too cuz thenwe getto be goldddigers without feeling bad cuz they spend money on us and we never have to see them again so we dont get attached…cept thsi one guy buthe likes spending money on is and we are attached. hes just a friend tho we dont make him spend money on us but he insists for sum reason. that part kinda sucks cuc we feel bad for feeling good when he gives us stuff lol

  5. Who’s gonna be smart enough to make “I want ravioli now” t-shirts? Does Lamebook have a store?

  6. aaall those messages and ahmed only comments back about eating ravioli :))

  7. OMG!!! Bi-Polar much?

  8. 3 status updates in the span of a minute? Congratulations, your are officially an attention whore.

  9. is Ahmed a Terrorist from Al-Qaeda??

  10. I don’t know about you all, but I met lots of hot guys when I interned at Disney World. This girl’s too dumb to find one, though.

    I think this might be the same couple. Run Ahmed. Run.

  12. same couple ^^^^^^ check Ahmed’s pic.

  13. Wow! Psycho much.

  14. the messages go from 8th to 13th July

    you just know they met on the 7th!!! and that they’re 12…

  15. damn ravioli sounds delicious.

  16. WHaaaaaaaaaaaaat the hell is wrong with her?

  17. That BIOUCH is Crazy

  18. @PotKettleBlack
    I’m with you there. This actually put me in the mood for some ravioli.

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