Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Star Crunchin’

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  1. Lame. But the baby frog freaked me out.

  2. This would be funny had I not heard it three times before. Once on Tucker Max’s website, then book, then movie. Suck.

  3. At first I was thinking what the hell is StarCrunch!? But then Paul’s long winded description made me remember having them as a child…so I guess I did get a little stroll down memory lane…so thanks Paul!

  4. Amazing.

  5. eh. this isn’t really funny at all. These kinds of posts usually aren’t–the ones where someone tries to explain something in a really intellectually witty way. Even if it starts off funny (this one didn’t), people never keep it going.

  6. Fanfuckingtastic. Awesome work guys. I have literally pissed myself laughing.

  7. Unoriginal and not even very funny. is the root of this one.

  8. If I had friends like Paul, I would punch myself in the face. Hard.

  9. i think the reason why most american people aren’t funny is because they try too hard. if you listen carefully, you can almost hear paul laughing smugly at his own diffuse verbiage, congratulating himself on his dazzling display of wit. the sad thing is that there are people out there who actually think this kind of “quirky” horseshit qualifies as humour.

  10. I’m with spedcor on that one. That reminded me of the kind of amateurish piffle one would see on the op-ed page of the high school newspaper.

  11. i think Paul needs to get laid
    nuff said

  12. And if killerboots has correctly attributed it to Tucker Max, then it should come as no surprise that it sucks balls.

  13. wow. that wasn’t what i was expecting.
    (was anyone else waiting for a butthole joke?)

  14. star crunch are really fantastic, though.

  15. This one sucks. What the hell is a StarCrunch?

  16. Yeah I’ve never heard of a Star Crunch..? Can you get them in Canada?

  17. I do agree that Paul definitely overshot it but I am so serious when I say that I swear I experienced my first O when I took a bite out of a star crunch. It was like a Rice Krispies Bar only chocolate and better.

    @spedcor666. Fucking hilarious.

  18. thats not original, its a rip off from “hope they serve beer in hell”, which makes Paul a massive wanker

  19. So did they disable comments in the new “AsMyJunk” thread because they realized that the site would be better named “Lamer than Lamebook” or did they just disable me, knowing I’d point out that it’s the stupidest idea for a blog yet? That 1001 awful things site might be better.

  20. I’m having the same problem leaving a comment there Douchetastic. Though I’m slightly excited about the new site. Yes I lead a very dull life, and that’s now my plans for this evening.

  21. I can’t leave a comment there. Looks like they disabled any further comments. I agree curly, I’m not writing off just yet. I do like this site even though sometimes it’s dissapointing so maybe I will like this other site.

  22. It’s going to be amazing. Think of the possibility.

  23. So…Matty works for Lamebook/AsMyJunk?

  24. I left an unfavorable comment on one of the asmyjunk pics as well — and it never made it past the ‘moderation’ phase. I don’t see it getting any “bigger” than that ‘Solely for the LOLZ’ disaster. For one thing, half the pictures there have been around since Jesus was a boy.

  25. The possibility of seeing the same picture done maybe 12 ways and then reposted 184 times? Reach for the stars.

  26. I don’t think I’m even going to bother clicking on it. It looks, as Cherry Cola so aptly said it, desperate. Pass thanks. And this post was just fucking stupid.

  27. marfase, I was thinking the same thing. Make it a little more obvious, Matty.

  28. Also, Matty, don’t be named Matty. Are you 5?

  29. That’s not funny. That’s why I dated a lot of fattys in highschool.

  30. Paul? Walter? Bill? Snack cakes?
    Twilight Zone?

  31. That is exactly how I feel about weed..

  32. How can you base a website around one single joke? At least Lamebook has three or four varieties, AsMyJunk is just a person holding somethingly vaguely phallic-shaped next to their crotch, and so far they have five pages full of entries.

  33. Don’t go there Hobo, just don’t.

    If you don’t like it… don’t go there. There’s no real need to have to go on and on about how stupid you think it is. This is lamebook, not Even though they are a team, they are two different sites. Just scroll past the advertisement, and bam it’s out of your life.

  34. I don’t think he was trying to pass it off as his own (or maybe he was) but I think Paul and Walter probably view “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” as their personal bible, and therefore it was more Paul trying to impress and/or make Walter laugh because he’s secretly in love with him, or maybe they are secretly together, and it was some really bad Facebook version of an inside joke. Then since Walter and Paul amuse only themselves, one of them submitted it here hoping it’d be put under a “win” category. A plan which obviously failed.

  35. Wow, that’s you told then Hobo!

  36. @33. I feel there is a need for him to go on and on about how stupid he thinks it is.

    Hobo…please continue.

  37. Why? What’s the point?

    I could be getting people and posts confused but I am pretty sure this isn’t the only thread where someone was complaining about the new asmyjunk site.

  38. You can’t even complain about the site on the site apparently. But hey, you could just scroll past his comments and bam, it’s out of your life.

  39. So you’re saying we can’t express an opinion on their new site because this is LB, not the other site? Why the hell not? People can say whatever they want, Buzzard. Who made you the opinion police? Anyway, I tried expressing an opinion on the other one, and it modded me. So there. I’ll do it here.

    Hobo, I am so with you on this one. I could not think of a more pathetic, juvenile theme for a site. It’s an insult to the LB crowd, actually.

  40. Tucker max fans used to be cool….about 10 years ago when he wasn’t a desperate, narcissist trying to regain his college years. Now his only fans are nerds who wish they had the balls to be mean to girls like he is..or talk to them…or look them in the eyes.

    Also, have you guys seen the new website ‘it’s my junk!’ looks so awesome! I can’t wait for lamebook’s next project ‘Ouch! my balls!’ where people get hit in the nuts….ah good times lamebook. You’ve shown real class these past few months.

  41. Hey this posy is not the greatest bust someone is trying in their sad little way. You assholes are not even trying, I suspect- and neither will I

  42. Reminded me of Marshall’s burger moment in HIMYM. If some maxed-up trucker has already used that exact same quote, it’s quite the lamer for it. Paul, you are hereby perpetually unfriended.

  43. Oh Paul! Verily your verbose words of well thought out vernacular and alliteration ring a heavenly bell of enlightenment in my once dusk filled soul.

    Indubitably your well constructed temple of description has laid upon my receptive receptacle of information, just one clear crystalline thought… ‘You’re a fucking obese Starcrunch eating blob of unloved fatty tissue.’

  44. oh look, Slingblade’s McGriddle speech from
    and from the book.
    and then the PancakeWich speech from the movie.

  45. tl;dr

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