Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Storm of the Century

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  2. in buffalo they just call that “storm of the weekend”.

  3. adrenaline_ducky

    Did nobody else notice the News Anchor is named Dick Belcher? I was expecting that to be the punchline on this post.

  4. I’m from Atlanta and I’ve always heard it called “The Blizzard of ’93,” never “The Storm of the Century”

  5. If 4.5″ doesn’t count as a legitimate penis, it certainly doesn’t count as a blizzard.

  6. @jeffreyd, I live in Atlanta and I have never heard it called that either. And didn’t we get about 7″ just two years ago?
    @tellingitreal, I grew up an hour east of Buffalo. 4.5″ in Buffalo and Rochester is simply called a ‘dusting’.

  7. ^ Snow, too, nut just regarding penises.

  8. Is that what the movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles was about?

  9. Perhaps it was called the blizzard of ’93 at the time and you had to wait another seven years to be sure it was the storm of the century?

  10. A couple of years ago, I was flying back from Mexico after Christmas with a layover in Atlanta. They had snow one day, and supposedly because they only have 5 or 6 snow trucks for the entire city, everything was shut down for 5 days. I had to rent a car and drive myself out of that mess.

  11. Yeah, in Finland we call this a nice spring monday

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