Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Studious Jon

Studious Jon

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  1. foremangriller1

    who the fuck cares.. get a life

  2. Jon, Amy, Walker and Bob are all chock full of fail for giving the slightest fuck about the study of apartments.

  3. Hakuna Matata, oui? Douchebag.

  4. another Matthew

    Amy has a point. Articles may say that lofts exist, but who can really be sure?

  5. Studioship.

  6. that’s amazing.

  7. Anyone who thinks the question is irrelevant has never been rental hunting in Manhattan.
    I rest my case. 😛

  8. They’re all wrong.

    A studio is an apartment where your bedroom and your living room are the same room.

    A loft is where your bedroom area is “lofted” above the rest of your living space.

  9. Amy posted this, she’s the one that is full of fail

  10. this is boring!

  11. Complete, and utter, LOSERS.

  12. That must be what it’s like to live in Real Estate Agent Land.

  13. EFF I want to slap that Jon guy (or chick? The blurred out picture makes it a bit ambiguous).

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