Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sucks to be you!

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  1. The elf on the shelf is creepy enough as it is. I don’t need it to be mischievous, too.

  2. first one, meh. second two were solid.

  3. and by that i mean second and third.

  4. First one has been done before. To death.

  5. Omg the kids I babysit for have that elf. and they behave perfectly when in the same room with it because it’s ‘watching’

  6. I see what you did there, odoyle10. Well played, actually. I think the only thing you forgot was the fuckmustard.

    That elf is creepy as hell. I want one.

    At first, I was thinking, “Natasha sure looks like a dude.” I’m glad Bill cleared that up for me.

  7. although bill does have some nice moobs.

  8. @ #6 – At first I was thinking, “Natasha sure looks white.” Glad Bill cleared that up for me.

  9. i like his scared ‘my nipple is on fire’ look lol

  10. If that fat fuck fit into any of my shirts, I’d be skipping dinner altogether.

  11. The only thing scarier than that elf and Bill the Transvestite is probably Natasha…because Bill’s fat ass fits too well in her shirt.

  12. To be fair, he’s absolutely poured himself into that shirt. He looks like a crimson kransky.

    Nice boobs though.

  13. I need one of those elves.
    That’ll scare the “terrible twos” right out of him, literally! : o

  14. ha ha Forgot to say it would be for my son.

  15. Damn straight Ms…and the first one is so gross, please go die Wynne

  16. MsAnneThrope <3, may I suggest that we skip dinner together? I promise that when we finish skipping dinner I will fit you into one of my shirts and cook you breakfast.

  17. Ah, the first one was by Wynne. Thought at first it said “Wayne”.

  18. The second one might be the best thing I’ve ever seen on this site. I wish there was a video of him waking up…LOL!

  19. Ocd4movies, I thought you were talking about scaring the “terrible twos” right out of Bill. I was all for that, too.

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