Tuesday, March 20, 2012


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  1. mmmm Grenade Balls

  2. The question is: Do you allow Dolph Lundgren to manhandle your unicorn?

  3. I wonder if Nick is trying to impress his sister/girlfriend.

  4. Dolph doesn’t need to ask for permission, with his reputation in the red army he TAKES what he wants…lol You ever see the bar scene in that movie Red Scorpion, Beatus? 😀 That might have made some cool clip-art or something, but a tattoo? Why? Is it supposed to be like an initiation into the new alternative lifestyle gun club “The Rainbow Brigade”?

  5. jimmythesquirrel

    That looks like Rambo got drunk in a bar and raped a horse with his gun on his way home!

  6. That is so humongously stupid

  7. Ok, so now I know what the gayest tattoo ever looks like.

  8. Fuck me with a Unicorns’ machinegun cock, My Little Pony just manned up!

    I often think of my cock like a weapon, one that fires milky love bullets.

  9. @Imamofo Its painful reading your comments. They really aren’t funny.

  10. @cw0409 Then don’t fucking read them fuckpig. Just squint with one eye when you see one of my comments approaching and release the pressure on your bellend so you don’t shoot whilst my name is still fresh in your memory. Job done.

  11. @Imamofo It’s kinda hard not to read them when you comment on every post. Anyway, chill man, and check this out – http://www.howtobefunny.net It might help.

  12. ^^^^^ not funny again.

  13. What exactly does 5x ^^^^^ mean? Are you bitching five times about what was posted above? or are you bitching about what was posted five posts ago?
    i’m so confused.

  14. @cwo and crazy You guys are not funny either, so STFU

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