Thursday, April 11, 2013

Teaching Teej

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  1. this is not funny motherfu(kers :/

  2. ^ Teej.

  3. Why would you EVER give your Facebook password to anyone (other than possibly your spouse)?? I will take my facebook password to hell.

  4. Yeah seriously. What’s the worst they could do if you didn’t give them the password? Guess I’m fortunate having grown up with parents who knew little to nothing about computers. And also being and adult by the time the modern version of the Internet came into being.

  5. Teej=that Elsior dude? Which will make it awkward when he turns up in about 5 minutes to tell us how he fucked his own mum or some stupid shit.

  6. This is a fake Facebook. The real Teej’s Facebook is different. So this isn’t even funny due to the fact that I 100% know that it’s fake…

  7. Oh, and Teej is an adult…so yeah.

  8. Teej is going to get it…
    By the way…
    Why the fuck would his parents name him “Teej?”
    Sounds like some dirty Indian drug. Or worse…
    His parents should get the chastising for naming their child such an awful name.

  9. Jeet jet? Nah, ju? Yauntoo? Aight.

  10. lol k.

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