Thursday, July 25, 2013

“Teen Mom” Moments

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  1. I know now why you cry.

  2. All “witty retort” posts on Facebook should have this as a disclaimer:

    “And that is what would have happened if I had thought of my witty retort at the time. Instead, I kept my mouth shut and went on with my day and this witty retort came to me hours later.”

  3. Why can’t we vote for this one? Or its comments?

  4. Heaven forbid somebody makes the funniest comment in the history of man here, and we can’t reward it with some thumbs up.

  5. Her kid could be 8, in which case she would’ve had him/her when she was 16. Also, what does owning property have to do with anything? “I ain’t no fuck-up! I done own my own single wide and a camaro that we almost got runnin’!”

  6. I’m with haggie on this one.

    So what else went down in Fantasy Land yesterday afternoon.

  7. jeffreyd – I’m guessing they have stopped letting us vote on year old re-posts. They really need to start an filing system or something to watch for these.

  8. Also, if we could vote, I would probably log onto multiple computers just to up-vote haggies’ comment. So true!

  9. Anne J. Hawkins

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  10. Anne, good job commenting on the one lamebook post where we can’t downvote you. Well played, Anne J. Hawkins, well played.

  11. This no voting is throwing me off. I can’t tell who the LB dbags are and crush them some more abuse. Is this Lamebook’s attempt at world peace?
    …It’s working.

  12. yeah i’m sure this really happened because this is how people talk.

  13. The voting is visible on mobile browsers.

  14. just as Deborah answered I’m shocked that anyone can make $8691 in 4 weeks on the internet. have you read this site ………

  15. Thinking it’s more like, “I’m 24 and married to a rich older man who owns property.”

  16. Didn’t happen.

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