Monday, August 16, 2010

Teeny Tiny Troubles

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  1. lame

  2. Kristin has man-hands. I bet she could easily crack open lobster claws, no problem at all.

    And yes, I’m referencing a Seinfeld episode.

  3. With the last one, shouldn’t the thumbs be the other way?

    Otherwise it seems like she is pushy.

  4. hahaha you are right! i like it now 🙂

  5. something wasn’t quite adding up…thanks defectiveuser haha

  6. And it looks as if “he” is an albino as well.

  7. Well, outlines are always bigger. The tattoo artist should have done an actual print. More appealing. I tried to make something sexual of that tattoo, but a chick riding a guy’s ass isn’t particularly super.

  8. TipDipTease, you’re right. It isn’t super. It’s SU-per!

  9. Comments, I was thinking a similar thing about “him”.

  10. Kristin must be her drag name. That’s probably where she puts her hands when she’s plowing him

  11. I’m dumb today. I don’t get what you mean, defective. Could you explain?

    Also, I don’t get the “real talk” bit in Marcus’s status.

  12. Now it makes sense. That also explains the man sized hands. Judging by the size of the hands and the size of the mural, the mural is definitely the one being rode.

  13. The first two were pretty dumb, the third one…. well, that’s not lame, it’s just sad. The last one …. seriously? lame. I agree with wordpervert and defectiveuser

  14. Word, I believe what defective meant was that the hand prints should look like she is hugging him and her thumbs should be pointed in the other direction so it makes sense… But, we’ve learnt pretty quickly that “she” loves him a whole lot differently.

  15. Dumbest, tattoo, ever!

  16. Thanks, nuff. I may check back later to see if anyone has explained what Marcus means, but my care factor about it is almost zero, so I may not.

    You have a good day, nuff.

  17. “Real talk” is his way of saying “true story” maybe? It’s all the sense I can make of it.

  18. Oh Dulce I can relate, except I found out through my sister’s facebook profile!

  19. Real talk: Slang for the truth.

    A phrase used when someone wants to add emphasis to the fact that the thing they just said was, indeed, true. It is a phrase or sentence someone says that is so true it deserves to have “real talk” at the end of it. In contrast to fake talk, real talk is usually straight and not deceiving.

    Yo that bitch Kristen is really a guy.

    Na man you lyin bro!

    Have you seen those man hands?

    Damn man I was wonderin why dat hoe wanted the lights off! Real talk.

  20. you should definitely put that on urban dictionary.

  21. Since these post are so lame, here is something that should brighten your day.

    Here is your Porno Birthday

    Taylor Rain – 29 – this hooker has handled more nuts then an AA Flight Attendent in over 272 fine films including:

    -Stick It Where The Sun Don’t Shine
    -The Incredible Gulp
    -Feeding Frenzy
    -Two in the Seat
    -Slutty and Sluttier
    -The Doctor Is In….You
    -Funny Boners 2
    -Rectal Rooters 6
    -Meat Pushin’ in the Seat Cushion

  22. I will have a good day word, I hope you do as well. As far as Marcus is concerned, I cringe at the thought of getting a BJ from a girl with a retainer in her mouth. Hard plastic and metal, not the best feeling.

  23. I enjoy someone who has good oral maintenance. I’d prefer a retainer over summer teeth.

  24. Head gear probably turns your crank soup. Hook up a trickle charger and your rockin’ now.

  25. Oh, headgear. It’s so sexy. It’s like banging an android without the fear of a mechanical glitch. And when I make them bleed it’s not that white nonsense that came pouring out of Bishop.

    I have to be careful with what I say. I had a braces comment deleted over the weekend.

  26. Hopefully Kristen’s man never goes to prison…. that tattoo looks a little too much like instructions – “place hands here during anal rape.”

  27. Kristen is either into pinning her old man, or she IS his cellmate.

  28. I seen that Soup! I was talking with somebody else about that.

    I have heard of human glitches with braces soup. It is funny listening to the story of how they explained it to the E.R.

    Just Google car wrecks with braces.

  29. Dulce, you are a lazy idiot. At some point, you have to realize that you can’t blame your family for not constantly updating you on everything that goes on. I can’t believe you didn’t ask about your grandfather in 3 months, or even wonder where he was.

  30. those hand tattoos are awesome, best thing is that if shit went bad you could always turn them into turkeys

  31. xamx, really? Okay, so he didn’t ask after his grandfather, but you really don’t think his family should have told him about it? It’s kinda a huge thing…

  32. I once donated sperm too… the snooty shits at Oxfam said they didn’t want it, ungrateful Bastards.

  33. Are you sure she was a man?
    Yes, her hands were as big as Andre the Giant’s, and she had an Adam’s apple as big as her balls.
    (Stolen off The 40 Year Old Virgin, couldn’t resist after the speculation over Kristin)

  34. I guess she likes to push him, because if that was a hug (sexy or not) they’d be turned the other way…

  35. @xamx- All I can say is wow… dbaggery at it’s finest.

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