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  1. I love getting bill collector calls just for the sheer joy of arguing with them… its a stress reliever…the rest of my day is happy after arguing with them… oh, and first?

  2. Good one Charleen! Also, only half of the first commend was a lame “first” post, maybe LB is getting funnier?

  3. You argue with your bill collectors? You could try this new way of pwning them: paying your bills. Gasp!

  4. I want to marry Charleen and I’m not even a lesbian.

  5. missdejablue = Kerry Katona.

  6. They’re not bill collectors. They’re telemarketers. There’s a difference.

    I fuck with them too. 😉

  7. Life is too short. I just hang up.

  8. girlwithaclevername

    Oh my God! How lucky for you, Charleen! You’ve clearly never had a job that you had to take to feed yourself and pay rent. I REALLY enjoy how superior you are. As you know, telemarketers love talking to you as much as you love hearing from them. Wow, you really showed that bitch that was just trying to do her crappy job that I’m sure she hates. Kudos!

  9. littleredcorvette

    They called her. They deserved it.

  10. I agree with girlwithaclevername. Ive been there. I had to work at a “resort package” Time share place during the summer while I was in college. No on there loves calling and harrassing people. And we werent allowed to cold call people…it was people who were stupid enough to fill out those “Chance to win” a new car/dream vacation,etc crap.

    It always amused me how mean people can get with someone they a)dont know, and b)just doing their freaking job. Take a xanax and calm the fuck down.

  11. I feel bad for people who either don’t have caller ID or don’t bother to look before answering. If I don’t recognize the number then they can leave a message, and if they don’t leave a message then screw them. Every now and then I will plug the number into the search field on http://whocallsme.com/ and nine times out of ten I see reports from other people to the effect that it was from some company or ‘agency’ that apparently feels that the rules pertaining to the ‘Do Not Call’ list don’t apply to them.

  12. @throwingtofu
    I used to work for a company that called people to try and sell them loans (I know, I know, I hated MYSELF for the duration….) and we were allowed to call whoever we liked, whether they were on the ‘Do Not Call’ list or not, because all of our data was from ‘compare and save’ websites. All of the data was collected from people who had checked the box that said ‘please notify me of future deals and promotions’ or whatever (be wary with them, some say ‘uncheck this box if you wish to be contacted some say check this box if you wish not to be contacted..) Even if you are on the ‘Do Not Call’ list you can still be called for stuff like that as you are seen to have given your consent. Just a heads up to make sure you properly read the check boxes for websites like that ;0)

  13. um… i can’t pay the bills because i have no job. i am having some health issues and no one is willing to work with me, so i kinda have no money coming in right now… and re: “missdejablue = Kerry Katona” I don’t know who that is. my name is misty. and i do have caller ID. and i used to be a telemarketer.

  14. I did think of something ‘funny’ to be written here but I have forgotten it now, trust me, it was the very epitome of comedy gold.

    Same thing must have happened to lamebook I guess…

  15. luckily you still have enough money for an internet connection.

  16. @3: Obviously most people would if they could, or there wouldn’t be so many bill collectors or this post. A lot of people have good jobs and pay what they can, but $2500 medical bills aren’t always as simple as ‘just paying your bills’, dick.

  17. Tazinijif, thanks for the info. Apparently those ‘keep me informed of updates’ checkboxes probably allow for some pretty gaping loopholes, don’t they?

  18. littleredcorvette

    We all know who else was “just doing their jobs.” I’ll leave it at that.

  19. littleredcorvette

    @3: I’m not going to pay a bill that doesn’t exist, idiot.

  20. girlwithaclevername is clearly a telemarketer.

  21. @zazzery its called piggy backing..no, i don’t have enough for my own internet connection…

  22. fight! fight! fight!

  23. telemarketing jobs suck

    it’s like panhandling but you have to pay taxes

    if you hate your job, get a new one

    life is too long to be unhappy

  24. Hhahahah this is hilarious.. Im at my part time telemarketing job now as I read this (I always have lamebook pulled up on my computer next to my script).

    I love how we have this stigma of being dumb as AIDS, but we are “fucking with you” just as much as you are with us. Dont think youre clever, Charleen.

    I love my job. I telemarket for my univerisity, and since we are a school, we get through every loophole, even the Do Not Call list. Plus, I dont make commission.. I just get paid– no matter I say 🙂

  25. Well done Charleen – you made yourself feel better, by shitting on someone else. What a hero…

  26. Well done rlyeh – you made yourself feel better by acting like you’ve never shat on anyone else. What a god…

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