Thursday, September 27, 2012


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  1. This is by far the classiest thing that lamebook has ever posted.
    I’m too impressed to be sarcastic.

  2. How in the world could ANYONE possibly dislike this post. It goes way beyond awesome.

  3. @ orlandodaddy – Must have been Edison fans…

  4. But where did he find those coconuts? They’re tropical, and he lives in a temperate zone.

  5. Fake.

  6. a fucking SHOP, beatus. he bought them at a SHOP.

    jesus! >.<

  7. A European shop or an African shop?

  8. why don’t I kill you so you can ask himself yourself?

  9. Terry, you’re barely communicating with us. Not trying to be the nazi, but I’ve seen this status going around, and it’s much more awesome without the glaring language errors.

  10. ^You’ve seen this status going around? Exactly how many members of the cast and crew are you fb friends with?

  11. And MsAnne, what good would that do? Dead people can’t talk to each other. You’re so silly sometimes.

  12. yeah.
    dead people don’t talk to me, either.

  13. ^I never said they did. I was hoping to trade obscure monty python references, bruce.

  14. not if you’re dead, we can’t.

  15. Ok, you don’t kill me and I’ll keep on talking to you. Deal?

  16. (yay, link works)

  17. fuck yeah. now let’s blow this dive.

  18. I think it’s gonna fall to walkers, anyway.

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