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  2. Zacks always make moronic comments on Facebook, it appears.

  3. g0d dammit! Now I want to see a stripper have a seizure, too.

  4. I truely hate it when dumb people try to act smart. *Queue mad2physician and the Ponces*

  5. Can I be a Ponce? Pleasepleaseplease? I’ve always wanted to be royalty.

  6. I wish I had a Mexican to grill panninis

  7. #1…. don’t get it???
    #2…. don’t get it
    (maybe coz I’m aussie)
    #3…. do you homework on time and stop with the pathetic status updates

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  9. Gloria, are you still in elementary school?? Kindergarten?

  10. #9, aussie-prick..
    Firstly, why is that so many people from Ausfailure have to declare that fact online? No one cares and it makes other Ausfailians ashamed of you.
    Now, your points:-
    1)The stripper had a seizure. that alone is funny because she sexually humiliates and demeans herself for a living. I’m not sure why the Wednesday before Thnxgiving is key here – maybe all the good quality whores are home with their families by then and only the faulty ones are desperate enough to be working?
    It shouldn’t matter. Don’t look a gift whore-seizure in the mouth.
    2)Gloria is a barely-literate, shortbus-ridin’ fuckwit.
    Also, turkey is native to North America.
    3)You are 100% correct, aussie-prick. 100%.

  11. 9. aussie-prick: You shame me as an Australian. To not understand those entries, you must be a card carrying retard.

    13. MsAnneThrope: Which Australian has hurt you? Why the big chip on your shoulder? Is it because you watched Crocodile Dundee 3?

  12. MsAnneThrope

    no need to Call Australia names, Aussie-prick didn’t exactly say anything awful about American’s, he merely stated that he didn’t understand it. Now the thing to do would be to kindly explain it to him or just ignore the post.

  13. billyfab

    We don’t celebrate thanksgiving in Australia (you, of course know this, so it’s understandable that he doesn’t get it. I get the gist of thanksgiving (from watching TV), but i wouldn’t know anymore than what I’ve seen on TV.

  14. 16. ReeRee: I know we don’t, but surely in all the television, film, and news sources from the US and about the US, aussie-prick would know enough about thanksgiving to not just say “don’t get it”. The fact that he doesn’t quite frankly stuns me. He should really change his name to aussie-ignoramus.

  15. Billyfap

    He probably doesn’t take that much notice of it. I’m pretty sure 70% of American’s don’t understand our humour or know much about our history either.

  16. billyfap, are you fucking serious? re:”Which Australian has hurt you? Why the big chip on your shoulder?” Do you know nothing about the country in which you live? The place is a fucking joke.

    ReeRee. I am totally allowed to call any country in the world any name I want. Racist, rednecked, backwards Ausfailure totally included. Is there a croc dundee 3 now? Why?
    And I *did* ‘kindly’ explain the post to him. Point-by-motherfucking-point.

  17. Oh dear, someone need a tampon?

  18. MsAnneThrope: and what delightful nation produced a specimen of wit and intelligence such as yourelf?

  19. Does it matter, billyfap? I know Ausfailure well.
    I know Ausfailure would rather send refugees to prison camps in Malaysia than have to accept them because they are poor and brown.
    I know that aboriginal people living on remote communities have the lowest standard of living and the poorest health and education of any so-called first world country.
    I know there is a uranium mine in the middle of the world class national park, Kakadu.
    I know that they will be sinking gas wells in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.
    I know how many of the native species will be extinct in 50 years and I know that the mouth-breathing populace would rather watch football than deal with it.
    I’ve seen Ausfailian television and, as a cultural snapshot, I’d give it (the culture) an F+.
    See also:- Neighbours, Home and Away, Today tonight, A Current Affair…and Rupert Murdoch controls 70% of .au’s media.

    Bogans, Cashed-Up bogans, Kyle Sandilands, Shane Warne, Paul Hogan, vegemite, mining….shall I go on?

  20. Slendermans Girlfriend

    I’m making so many “How I Met Your Mother” connections.
    First, going to the strip club on Thanksgiving, and then billyfap brings up Crocodile Dundee 3. Although Marshall and his dad believe it’s the second best in the trilogy

  21. Maybe you should have a look at the more positive points of what makes Australia MsAnneThrope, instead of spewing out a bunch of trollish propaganda.

  22. Billy-flaps or whatever….
    I know of thanksgiving… I just didn’ get the whole glad I go before Wednesday?? Why does that make me a card carrying retard? Your making all us Aussies look bad you f#kwit.

    Also annth”all I need is”rope to hang myself, I stated I was Aussie only to show that’s maybe the reason I don’t get it.
    Whats the g with you

  23. Billy-flaps or whatever….
    I know of thanksgiving… I just didn’ get the whole glad I go before Wednesday?? Why does that make me a card carrying retard? Your making all us Aussies look bad you f#kwit.

    Also annth”all I need is”rope to hang myself, I stated I was Aussie only to show that’s maybe the reason I don’t get it.

  24. Do you see? Do you see what happens when you dump a bunch of petty crims on an island far, far away and then proceed to ignore them for the next 2 & 1/2 centuries?
    It just isn’t normal.
    And thank you, billyfap, for failing to add a single positive point to counter my terribly trollish behaviour. On the internet, no less!

  25. I’m Australian and proud of it. I do have to agree with MsAnne on the point of asylum seekers. Iur national anthem states “for those who’ve come across the seas, we’ve boundless plains to share” and yet people wanna bitch and moan about giving a break to people who’ve had their lives ripped apart by unimaginable horrors. I can only assume they’re the same people who have “Fuck off, we’re full” bumper stickers on the back of their utes. And people wonder why we get called a bunch of racists.

  26. Erm… Also, *insert joke about Lamebook entry here*

  27. Australia’s the best… Sydney came 2nd to Norway for the best place to live. I couldn’t find Alabama anywhere on the list.
    We might have started out as convicts but what a beautiful country we’ve become. This is the place whet people from all over want to come and live.
    Ms annthrope, you do have some good points, we have fucked up a bit…. But compaired to the states…. Do I even need to list how you guys have fucked your country…. Gone from superpower to superzero

  28. Also…. hands down, we have the better women 🙂

  29. I’m from Perth.

  30. ….in Australia, MsAnne?

  31. I just don’t understand why all these refugees want to come to such a failure of a country? Especially considering we have shit TV shows.

  32. i think they want to come for the surfing?

  33. Heh. yeah. Surf Rottnest! You can feed the wildlife at the same time.
    Yes, ‘Souldancer‘ (really?) Perth, Ausfailure.

  34. I’m from Perth too. And hey, sure, we’re not great. But every country has its flaws. At least we’re one of the safer countries in the world… We have strict gun laws, seat-belt laws, etc. The most you’re likely to get hurt in Australia is from the wildlife or nature.

  35. What’s with the Australia bashing? I’m very happy to be living here in Australia, but then again, I’m not from Perth.

  36. God I hope when people think of places to live they don’t think about Alabama which is the worst representation of America there is. 50 states and all everyone thinks about is the “red-necked” stepchild.

  37. Strict laws are not a positive feature in my book, tojeem. I’d prefer freedom, thankyou. What kind of fucked-up state sends you to prison for 2 YEARS for a single joint? (perth)
    I really don’t need a government who is NOT representative of me or my values looking over my fucking shoulder and telling when I can wipe my ass and how much paper to fucking use. Fuck Ausfailure for being a totalitarian nanny-state.

  38. MsAnne, fuck you for your Ausfailure moniker. That one is going to haunt me, because unfortunately, you’re correct in your summation of Australia’s abuse of refugees and our indigenous, as well as our rape of our land for “economic growth”. I hope that you walk the walk as well as talk the talk, because there are not enough people (let alone politicians) who recognise the travesty that is being played out year after year within our borders.

    aussie-prick, fuck you for being ignorant and pointing that out constantly. Google the shit that you don’t understand and shut the fuck up about it.

    ReeRee, fuck you for your abuse of apostrophes. And please tell me you aren’t serious about the TV being your cultural education tool. For fuck’s sake.

  39. Ooh, MsAnne, you’re a libertarian? *swoon*

  40. I’m an anarchist. Old school.

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  42. no

  43. love you, MsAnne 🙂

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