Wednesday, December 16, 2009

That’s A Bummer, Bill



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  1. As much as he got totally fooled, he’s actually just did himself one hell of a damn favour by being a flirtatious fanny boy.

  2. I’m actually in pain from laughing so hard…

  3. Lame!

  4. @55
    he did reply, there’s a slightly longer version he says something like “becca I knew it was you the whole time I was just playing with you. I was gonna post something on your wall but you defriended me before I could. This is a big mistake your freaking out for nothing. Cmon pickup your phone.”
    or something like that, lol

  5. LOL… he is so fucked up 🙂

  6. He got royally PWNED. This is great, I laughed so hard. What a loser.

    @enjoi7 I’m pretty sure that was just an excuse.

  7. lmao, he got buttfucked

  8. WOW She should WATCH what she writes she could so be charged for that! Those threats aren’t taken lightly anymore !

  9. This is kind of cruel. It’s not like they were married. Bill’s a young guy and an easy mark. Anybody could have gotten him this way. I don’t know too many young single men who would not fall for a trap like this.
    If women are going to keep letting men take advantage of them men are going to keep taking advantage of them. At least hookers get paid.

    That said, this one is pretty damn funny. Bill is Frodo.

  10. Why Does NObody else (besides #120 squidquopro) seem to be bothered by the fact that he said “I can’t seem to put a name to that face”!!! WTF guy, REALLY!?!
    I’m ashamed at the fact that took 120 posts before this was pointed out!
    I sniff an elaborate set up.

  11. HAHAHHAHHAHAHA LOVE IT! Bill can go jump into a pool of loser.

  12. I kinda feel bad for Bill. :c Poor guy…

  13. Bill was set up. I would have done the same damn thing. She just wanted a way out and this was it. Sounds like she wanted to do the dumping…

    What a bitch.

  14. Why is everyone dogging on “Ashley”? I mean she caught him in his lie. He’s at fault. Yes, if she didn’t trust him their relationship was doomed to begin with. But wanting closure to her belief that he was cheating is not psychotic, especially that, as is proven, she was right. My thoughts: If you feel bad for Bill, you probably are a cheater yourself.

  15. DAMN. busted, talk about caught in the act

  16. Id have loved to see the look on Billy’s face when he read the last msg from Ashley or whatever her name is
    Ashley ftw!


  18. LOL @ Billy you a disgrace to playas

  19. Ahahahaha, epic win!

  20. This was kinda lame. If it’s fake it just sucks. If it’s not, well Ashley got owned by her own shit.

  21. #171

    Guru says: Real. This is so true-to-life it isn’t even funny and is hysterical at the same time. I had to check my facts about cunninglinguist who said she did that to her ex 10 years ago on AOL — could it be… her??? I was only on AOL in 1993 & 1994, so I guess she isn’t my ex, Lora… I was young then, and wasn’t cheating, just shopping, I guess but it all amounts to the same lameness — it certainly isn’t an excuse for being a tool like all the rest of my gender is on any given day of the week.

    Absolutely the best one because this stuff happens all the time. It screams of true justice.

    Becca (Ashley), if you don’t want to hear about your smelly skin, your attachment issues and how your BF would rather do someone prettier than you, just don’t go there — what did you expect? Certainly not the delusional B.S. that you’ve fed yourself for 8 months, thinking that you’re anything more than a choad’s convenient bed-mate…

    Almost all men would fail this test if it were a real woman picking up a man — Ever seen The Maury Povich Show? Sure, women don’t ever hit on men or seek them out, and we should see it coming, but we seldom do — why? Men think that there are some women out there who actually do, and if a man thinks he’s finally found someone who is hot, without a boyfriend and likes sex AND flirts with the man without discussing a money-exchange, sure, only a horny fool would believe it — but men ARE fools! (When they’re horny for something that smells different than an old lady, anyway.)

    Billy, you so deserved it, and it doesn’t surprise me that you couldn’t man-up and reply with a “You’re seriously, wack, chick…” No, you had to go back to the Liar’s Club and try to play it off — “Aw, honey, I knew it was you!” – Bill, you have truly set the record straight on the definition of an ass-hat. If you’re gonna be hittin’ and quittin’ with some strange, it’s best to look for something real and tangible and stop letting girls manipulate you online into getting wood over lame how-do-you/do-me crap that doesn’t even make my Plaster Of Paris harden. Next time, talk the girl into a three-way and mention how you love your girlfriend, but she just isn’t understanding enough, doesn’t listen to you enough and refuses to meet you half-way and all that… the crap other guys’ girlfriends always feed us single guys when they want attention, but not sexual attention… Hell, tell Ashley that, unlike your GF, she’s a real good listener!
    Don’t offer to pick up the tab for a cab, talk about how your girlfriend isn’t into fun things that you like to do — things like bondage, spanking, Emetophilia, Coprophilia, watching late-night-amateur-Screw-Tube videos or even daring to have sex with other women for a once-in-a-lifetime threesome experience. By the time she’s wiki’d all that, you could probably think-up something else…
    Next time a hottie posts a frowny-face after mentioning you are in a relationship, mention that you’d love to keep your GF around if she could just wear a little perfume on her overcoat, or shave her legs with some Patchouli-scented shaving foam or roll in bacon grease or something — inform Ashley that you’ve done all you could for your GF: You’ve prayed to St. Hygiene and that it’s all in God’s hands now… Not “never wants to do anything and has become a sort of drag on my life.” Try instead, “We’ve been together eight months and she still won’t do anal or call me Daddy or let me choke her and all my friends think she’s psycho — or something like that.” Keep the ball in your court, bro-

    …This is absolutely my favorite one, because Bill is so like so many other men with nice girls out there who are fooling themselves into thinking they’re with a different kind of guy than that. Face it, ladies, all men are liars. The better they are at it, the more of an insecure little boy you will find within…”

    These folks, as many other posts here, should have learned The Lamester Guru Mantra:

    “If you don’t want anyone to know, never tell anyone.
    If you don’t want everyone to know, never write it down.”

    Peace Be With All You Lamesters,

  22. man she was pissed

  23. I’d want ot fucking kill him too.

  24. at first, when she said she was from baltimore (obviously not true once you get to the end of the post) i was like oh come on now. i’m from baltimore…we’re not all boyfriend stealing hoochies.

    but thennn she verbally kicked his ass, so i’m gonna go on pretending she’s from my town cos god damn i love this.

  25. Bill,you stupid mother fucker “if it’s to good to be true……………..LOL

  26. Or if it’s *too* good to be true, even!

  27. this is just too awesome for words!!!! “Ashley” is officially my new favorite person!!!!

  28. I LOVE Ashley!

  29. Good job, ashley.
    Cool woman!

  30. Im on Bills side. How can he want a woman who showers only twice a week and smells like grandma? She lucky he stayed that long!! Good woman? more like dirty woman

  31. Some stuff you just can’t believe is for real…

  32. Wow! If this is for real…I give Ashley two thumbs up haha. I love it!

  33. Tee hee!!! Absolutely brilliant!!!!

  34. hahahahahahahahaha! Even though this girl didn’t deserve a prick like mr pencil dick… THIS IS CLASSIC! lol

  35. Genius!!! Could’ve done without the caps at the end but still amazing!! Guys like Bill should have a Tylenol PM swallowing contest with Herbert the pervert.

  36. I think “Ashley” did him a favor… she sounds like a crazy a$$ Beaaaatch


  38. herna you’re so right. Thought the same

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