Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Untying the Knot


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  1. I think the divorce rate of America is more lame than this image.

  2. This is lame, in an ironic was as in lame for lamebook to put this up..

  3. way*

  4. 5-ish months, eh? Not bad these days.

  5. incorrect use of i/me makes me want to kill

  6. Haha she sent her hubby bankrupt in 5 months from dinning out at the fastest fast food establishments. What an economy booster 😛

  7. if that’s her looking good….

    why would you leave up photos from your wedding if you’re divorced anyway

  8. The Scarlet Pimple

    Married and divorced so quickly that her friends don’t even know about it.

  9. The Scarlet Pimple

    Also, GEEZ: Darlene and Daddy look the same age. At first glance I thought it was THEIR wedding.

  10. Yikes.

  11. Mackenzie Phillips is fatter than I remember her. 😮 Yeesh.

  12. She posted it because it’s the best pic she HAS. ‘Nuff said

  13. In order to ‘hit that’ you would need a paper bag for the paperbag on her head. And don’t forget to turn out the lights 😉

  14. @The Scarlett Pimple
    I thought the same thing! I was so confused.

  15. @onoff: it’s even worse when people correct your already correct use of I/me. Or maybe I just get annoyed when people who don’t know what they’re talking about correct me. lol

  16. The only thing I’m not sure of with this one is that the photo, which is in the Album “Family”, may be from the more remote past. When people are putting together albums on FB they often put in old and new photos, perhaps especially in albums involving family. Stacie might just be a dumbass not-too-close friend who assumed the posting meant a recent wedding.

    Ultimately though it’s still quite funny – all the levity in the previous comments then Darlene’s at the end being the lead balloon.
    Heh heh.

  17. Accidental capital there on the word “album” on the first line.

  18. How can we be sure she isn’t lying about the divorce? It seems equally likely her husband is no longer around because she ate him.

  19. WIN Sensible Madness. WIN

  20. Oh boy, fat jokes. How hilarious and not predictable.

  21. meh. I don’t think this post can live up to the excitement I had last night with “MISSION: Unacomplished”


  22. Unaccomplished*

  23. agree with 21…not much of interest here

  24. @Scarlett Pimple and Reno
    Yeah I missed the caption with the picture when i first looked at the post. I thought that the man in the picture actually was Darleen’s husband – it was hilarious that first Darleen’s friends thought her husband was her dad; and secondly that they did not know she had been married and divorced. Unfortunately it WAS her father, so… not the greatest lamebook ever.

  25. I feel so awful, they way Darlene’s face is blanked out makes her look a bit… mannish. I nearly thought it was the dude posting the picture.

  26. i’d divorce the fat bitch too.

  27. lol @Sensible Madness

  28. Gripper, why would you marry her in the first place?

  29. What happens in Vegas, stays on Facebook!

  30. I was REALLY surprised that somebody had given her a pearl necklace.

  31. Apparently Darlene and her ex-husband are locked in a fierce divorce settlement legal battle to agree who gets possession of the contents of their giant fridge and chocolate collection.

  32. “What happens in Vegas, stays on Facebook!”
    …and then gets posted on Lamebook.

  33. @Mercure

    So I hear. It’s all about who gets the custard-y

  34. She looks like a grotesque muppet.

  35. Like a cross between Ms. Piggy and Rowlf.

  36. You know, some guys like short chubby blondes.

  37. Okay, this is really really really really really lame.

    Did I mention really lame?

  38. @Iamamofo: ha ha. Apparently her husband takes the biscuit, and she is now a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

  39. ouch……
    u got owned dude!

  40. @SeeBea: LMFNO!!! Thanks for the much needed mod 😀

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