Tuesday, July 13, 2010

That’s What Friends are For

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  1. what????? really?? first?

  2. my life is now complete <3

  3. i saw this post with no comments the moment it came up. a virgin post. the chance of a ‘first’, or some other witty comment. – my indelible mark at the top of the lamebook ledger. i clicked on it, my fingers hovered over the keys for a second…

    then i just thought – no, i’m not a retard. nor a pre-teen.

    the posts? meh. summat about a boomeringue.

  4. hahah I thought i was the only person that used >:-|

  5. Richard couldn’t be closer to the truth. I know what I do at water parks. As a matter of fact, I caught my third STD at the local park.

  6. Not the best crop. The only entertaining thing was Jo’Nathon (what the f…) attempting to be witty, not hitting the mark, and yet keep coming back for more.

  7. wow, who pissed in ur cheerios? jeez. I didn’t know that it was so serious.

  8. Jo’Nathon? It’s like he’s trying to be exotic. Or stupid. I doubt he’s trying very hard for the latter though.

  9. aww somebody is grumpy. little alord needs a sleepy

  10. krasivaya_devushka

    I don’t know about other chicks, but I sure don’t love dudes with kids.

  11. krasivaya_devushka

    Where do you see Jo’Nathon? It’s Jo’NathAn.

  12. MsBuzzkillington


  13. In all my years of life I have never spelt Jonathan the same way.

  14. @ Walter .. he must be tired his last response was only 8 lines.

    I dident.

  15. D’awwwww, someone’s a wittle cwanky today! Do you need a nap, alord?

  16. I agree with krasivaya_devushka. I don’t love dudes with kids.

  17. Jo’Nathan – now there’s a classic example of inappropriate apostrophication.

  18. Well krasivaya it all depends, are they his kids or some that he kidnapped in order to make himself look “cool” to women?

  19. wait sorry wemen

  20. firstly, well done #15 for copying walter (lamepoints for not having an original thought cancelled out by choosing someone cool to copy like walter).

    secondly, friends, i’m saddened. i had my jesus in the desert moment, my faith was tested, i had my epiphany (only retards and pre-teens make a ‘first’-style comment), then walked away a better man for it.

    i was just sharing. i don’t want to impose my faith on anyone,

    for as slumsy saith in the book of murphy (4:18) –

    ‘judge not, lest ye look like a twazzer.’

    thirdly, i’m only cranky when i’ve had too much sleep. :-p

  21. Do you ever get too much sleep alord?

  22. 23st!!!!!!!!

  23. Who plays with a boomerang? Does he just keep it tucked in his pants all day??

  24. Aww fuck

  25. SouthBeachTakeover

    I’m done, I’m out, I quit, its over.

  26. Sorry Walt, looks like I get the coveted 23st!! Yeeeeesss! Maybe next time buddy 😉

  27. Please don’t go SouthBeachTakeover. We all love you.

  28. Yes, I totally copied Walter. It’s not like I didn’t see it, because I definitely don’t have an original thought.

    You caught me. However did you know?!

  29. Also, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who’s funnier, cooler, and more well-liked. We’re all just losers who laught at people’s misfortunes.

  30. Speak for yourself. I’m a winner who causes people’s misfortunes.

  31. Speak for yourself. I’m a loser who causes people’s fortunes. (see 22-24 & 26)

  32. how did none of Randy’s friends comment on the “Boomerange”?

  33. @ 20 tl;dr

  34. Balls!

  35. @30 just made my night.

    That and teo’s “inappropriate apostrophication” keeps making me titter.

  36. @iced coffee

    yes! thank you! I thought for sure the joke of the post was going to be something to do with the very wtf notion of just casually mentioning, “oh I was playing with my boomerang when it happened.” That info was so unnecessary. Could have just said, I was outside when I heard the shots. But no…he wanted….nee…NEEDED his friends to know that he was playing with that boomerang. A great mystery… I wonder if he updates his status with references to the boomerang all the time. “Went to the movies last night, had frozen yogurt afterward, didn’t get to bust out the ol’ boomerang.” “My grandmas dead. Might pack the boomerang, as there will be lots of open space at the graveyard.”

  37. longest comment in lamebook history. bam.

  38. we should all sing Dennis’ praises for being a man and spending good time with his kids.

  39. frogsandsticksandshit

    Im just reasonably bothered by the word “yall” Makes me want to hit things.

  40. I always thought friends were for those times when all you want is some quick and dirty sex, but you couldn’t be bothered going down to the pub to pick up?

  41. ah man I laughed at that campbellconey..
    ..and djenna..we’re old friends right..right?..

  42. Famaf, if we were old friends Ive probably already taken advantage… So maybe we should be new friends?

  43. sounds good to me djenna…let’s be quick and dirty new friends together

  44. Paranoid Android

    Hey yall

    I was playing with my boomerange and it hit some wemen. F’uck y’ou.

    Topical enough?

    …and Americans are stupid.

  45. Dawn of the Dan

    Haha. Nice one Campbell.

  46. yeah that guy Jo’Nathan must think he’s original or something with that name and does he honestly think he’s funny? I mean seriously. You’re right, he was the only one remotely funny but he failed. I guess that’s why we gave him honorable mention before we ragged on his name. We’re so awesome cause we have no originality and make comments about the originality of others. That makes us so cool. Not troll…we’re cool.

  47. @ Paranoid Vigin…Your comment makes no sence, you do not know how to spell WOMEN, and your on an American Website talking shit about Americans. You are one dumb little ugly virgin.

  48. JYoung , look at some older posts and maybe you will clue in to wemen. Idiot.

  49. @JYoung: You misspelled sense.

  50. I actually saw a real life version of “2th” the other day, it was kind of amusing.

    Also, is Jo’Nathan still pronounced the same as Jonathan or is it like Joe Nathan? I keep saying it as Joe Nathan in my head.

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