Sunday, December 27, 2009

That’s What Friends are for


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  1. Maybe it still is her career plan, she certainly didn’t deny it.
    Once you get that reputation it sure sticks doesn’t it.

  2. New plan: edit friend list

  3. AbsoluteBeginners

    HAHAHAHA Wonderfull friends

    FTW: Amiee pointin out Shawna already got the Herp

  4. We see four young persons using proper spelling, grammar and punctuation to converse with each other. So what’s a little bit of herpes amongst such a fine group of persons?

  5. Awesomeee friends!

  6. Dude, I want friends like that.

  7. #4, AMEN! Honestly, as long as they can spell & know the finer points of grammar, I don’t care if any of them have an STD or are whores. That’s small potatoes.

  8. Man, this is edited all to hell. Aimee didn’t say that, I did. They also took out some of the playful banter that lets you know that this is how we normally talk to one another. It’s still funny that someone sent this in to Lamebook though, and I think I’ve earned the right to call Shawna a whore since we’ve been friends since we were 6 or 7 years old.

  9. Why can’t we have angry people that were involved comment. Roxanne, kudos to you for being able to shrug it off, and to chat to mates like that, BUT I did enjoy it when people would just whine and whine then get angry. That was fun.

  10. I love Roxanne’s comment on the submission. Brilliant!!! However It would’ve been nice to see the whole post Lamebook. You’re over-moderating and you’re going to lose your fanbase/commenters.

  11. I think I like these people.

  12. ^If you include Roxanne, then me too.

    I kinda like the usage of the phrase “to be fair” now.

  13. ^Which one are you on the post?

  14. So the treasing is good but then they post it on Lamebook.
    Hard to tell what kind of friends these are.

    @Insane: Lamebook may have not moderated it. The submitter may have.
    @Roxanne: 6 or 7 huh? that’s a long time to be screwing around.

    “to be fair” might be a new Lamebook classic phrase.

  15. This submission reminds me of my family and a couple of my friends 🙂 Always have fun fb comment-convos like this… Everyone needs friends like this, even when life sucks a few comments on fb can make the day great.

  16. lol, I find this one funny, not lame. You can tell these chicks have that sort of dynamic. This is the way some close girlfriends joke around with each other. Shawna seems to be taking it with good humor.

  17. @yaya: i feel like it’s been pointed out far too often that being lame is not the only way to get on this site

  18. @SeeBea: Yeah I know that is a possibility. Just a little frustrated with all the moderation happening on Lamebook. It has gone from ‘anything goes’ to ‘random stuff that we allow’. It’s unpredictable and annoying.

  19. @Insane: unpredictable to be sure.

  20. @LMAOJKLOLROTFL gee thanks. I’ve been here about a week and am getting my feet wet. Sorry I wasn’t around the last four hundred times it was pointed out.

  21. “Pointed out”?? It says it right there at the top. Sheesh…

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