Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Casey Case

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  1. willienelson:

    Grammar isn’t the most important thing when you actually have a life. Maybe you should consider getting one.

  2. Hahahaha, says the jackass sitting here on Lamebook just like everyone else. And I’m sure your life of sitting in front of a computer screen finishing off an entire sleeve of Chips Ahoy while answering phones for MEN that get paid more than you could ever dream of making is way better than my life.

    Actually, why are you even allowed on the internet? Shouldn’t you be in a kitchen somewhere making sandwiches?

  3. Wow, I actually have a life other than sitting on the computer ALL day like the lazy piece of shit I’m positive you are. It seems obvious that you don’t even have a job and if you do it’s probably a shitty job cleaning toilets. I’m getting on lamebook now for the sole purpose of responding to your dumb ass and to think about it, it’s a waste of my time. Also, correcting peoples grammar and trying to act smart on LAMEBOOK? That is really pathetic. You will spend you life on the internet acting smart, you know there’s a real world out there? To wrap it up, I can tell your just a fat old lazy piece of NOTHING and will do nothing with your life.

    Go choke on a sandwich.

  4. *people’s *your *you’re

    I can’t choke on the sandwich until you make it for me.

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