Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Excellent Excess

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  1. How the fuck does Claire shave? Goddamn ain’t that a little too much to have your ass stitched for shaving.

  2. Well Claire, I bet daddies proud of you now!

  3. Daddy’s* shit!


  5. Nice steal from The Hangover, Joey. Almost word for word there.

  6. @yodawg

    I suspect she uses her Daddy’s Groom-Mate Platinum, at his breathless behest.

  7. ifitwerentformyhorse

    1. I don’t think band-aids rip asses. There’s definitely a hole in that story.

    2. So Joey is saying he has herpes?

    3. Paternity tests are cheap.

  8. Note to self: when shaving butthole, use something other than grandpa’s rusty WW2 GI Issue straight razor. Or wax.

  9. Deija’s view on English made me do a double take, but I suppose Dos is culpable too.

  10. ‘she tlk shit cuz d other dude died smokin spice’

    erm what?

  11. I can make out the words, but not quite the meaning.
    It’s too late anyway, they have reproduced

  12. At least Claire is prepared for all that anal, mows the lawn

  13. Ebonics-to-English translation:

    Dos: “My son is playing quite rough with a girl. It is unfortunate that he engages in that behavior at such an early age.”

    Deija: “I was unaware that you had a son. How old is the young master?”

    Dos: “He is eight months of age, but I need to ascertain whether he truly is my biological son. A great number of people are of the opinion that he is not, but his mother is not quite as sure. However, she often tell tall tales, as another gentleman with whom she had been intimate is deceased after having inhaled an ilicit substance.”

    You legend.

  15. I really like how Claire never says anything about her not having anal.

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