Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Loony Bin

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  1. Fallow, huh? Like most of the unfunny old hags that post on here.

  2. Ponder this, what if chem building is another name for the meth lab and the international building is where they hide the illegals after they smuggle them across the border. (canadian border btw) The ducks were just standing guard and were there to make noise if anyone tried to escape. He just threw the fucking alarm system in the river!

  3. its funnier if you read it like the fresh prince tune

  4. Crusty, you just did a worthwhile comment. I feel a bit emotional about it. Congrats!

    Kirby – go fuck yourself and think about what you’ve done.

  5. ^ Whereas you…did not.

  6. I never do; never aim to. I do, however, correctly spell the word ‘it’s’. Such as: it’s what sets apart the morons from the rest of us. It is – It’s.
    You just let me know if you need some more lessons.

  7. lol i love this.

  8. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    ^what exactly? The duck story or the spelling nazi?

  9. Too many words to go with the fresh prince song.

  10. Cool story Bro.

  11. Grammar checking wasn’t funny even when people thought it was six months ago. However, I apologise most profusely if my simple typing error has in some way offended you. I assume that you are in a position of extreme power, or you have a masters in English language for you to take the fucking high ground and correct someone’s grammar on a public fucking comments section. Taking the time to type out three lines of well..what is essentially bullshit, is quite sad. And I know, I know, you’re probably gunna say one of two things: “tl;dr” OR “Coming from the cunt who’s just typed a fucking essay”. If I want to make a point, if i’m gunna look like a cunt I make sure I do it properly. And whilst I appreciate your gracious offer of lessons pertaining to all things English, I think I’m gunna pass, just this once. If I do by some strange fucking phenomenon have a change of heart, I will ask Capn, Bacchante, Sam, shit, even MsAnne before I ask you. I would rather poke long sharp rusty nails through my eyes than ask you for anything – unless I wanted an up-to-date version of the HIVvy, then i’d ask you.

    Oh, while we’re at it, don’t congratulate me in one breath, complimenting me on my worthwhile fucking comment and then criticise it for grammar in the next you fucking spastic.

  12. Something about Jacob’s story smells foul. Either way, he is definitely a quack.

  13. Jacob you do not pick up footballs, you kick ’em… You mean handegg.

    Now use it in a sentence.

    ‘I picked up the handegg and ran like it was a fumble’

    Well Done!

  14. ^fowl?

    Close, but no cigar.

  15. Crusty, can’t we just hug this off? Don’t let my spastic tendencies put you off. I really did enjoy your comment; grammatically correct, or nay. Let’s do the hug thing. You can touch my tits too if you want. If it helps, I will even pretend to be offended and/or shout rape.

  16. You can get down on your knees and offer to suck my dick. Id accept that.

  17. “Handegg?” Seriously? That means something totally different where I live.

  18. I’m not even surprised that this happened at my college. Bahaha.

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