Monday, January 24, 2011

The Next Generation

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  1. first? FRODO!

  2. For the first one, I would say that ignorance is Bliss

  3. Save the kid!

  4. nice work ghostmutt.
    that last picture has to be the most pixelated picture ever.

  5. The pool pic: Yeah, and?

  6. I don’t get the last one….a kid floating in the water, who doesn’t do that?

  7. oh look a small boy pretending to be dead……


  9. Oh man, when they finally notice they’re gonna shit bricks…

  10. My goal is to have a baby girl and name her Hope. Then one day when I forget to watch her while smimming, someone will take a photo and post it on Lamebook under the heading “Hope floats.”

  11. The third one is a still from the new United Appeal For The Dead commercial

  12. I thought the last one was funny.

    Toodles, it looks like he is dead…. that’s why it’s “funny”. I laughed.

    Maybe what I had this morning wasn’t really juice.

  13. I just wanted to say:
    Lamebook now has 666 pages. I think this is epic.

    And once you’ve started to visit lamebook on daily basis, then this is what happens:
    1) You read the posts, you laugh.
    2) You read the posts, maybe you laugh, you read the comments.
    3) You read the posts, almost never laughs and pretty much only read the comments.
    4) You post your own comment.

    Or maybe it’s just me. I’m high on sugar right now so just don’t ask.

  14. is sugar a euphemism for crank or are you 15?

  15. The kid in the pool is funny. I like to think he just floated into the frame after belly-flopping off the roof.

  16. man i get so high when i crank stuff.

  17. just shutup az…

    i liked bliss, the rest were terrible.

  18. Conor I suggest you look up crank because your attempt to make fun of rawnuh just sounds stupid. Also, you can’t get high on sugar, sorry to burst your bubble.

  19. yeah i know. but i meant it as to crank a cog or some part of some machine somewhere. we dont use crank to describe drugs so i apologise for my unculturedness and the shittiness of it.

    forgive me? ill drop the hand if you want?

  20. Waterwing kid is not funny.

  21. yeah I know. That’s why it was stupid.

  22. Stingray FTW!! Fuck me, that was funny!

  23. Frodo DOES have a pool, guys!!!11oneone11exclamationpoint

  24. fUcK yOu KeOnA

  25. Your soul…is mine…

  26. “Bliss, fully unaware”

  27. Whenever my children start fighting, I just tell them to grow up and share… I mean there’s more than enough of daddy sauce to go around.

  28. ^ ::awkward silence::

  29. Not half as awkward as the ones at my family reunions trust me.

  30. It’s not really a “silence” if it’s punctuated by muffled crying and moaning, is it?

  31. I use ear plugs to drown out the noise to be honest.

    Well I say ear plugs… their butt plugs really… and their what causes a lot the commotion… thinking about it I should probably revise this method of noise reduction.

  32. Sometimes I see a pic or a post and I come on here to comment on it. Then I see everyone else’s comments and realize there is nothing I can say of interest to any of you.

    I think I will go look up the vagina douche thread….

  33. you’re being redundant. that’s like saying “anal colonic”

  34. #1: then someone will go up to the OP and say ‘ignorance is Bliss’. HA.

  35. That joke was funny the first time it was made Cole.

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