Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Papa Johns Addiction

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  1. “Distilled cat tears” is probably the only one that is true.

  2. They should add those on as a topping to gain more customers.

  3. lamebooks shitty posts

  4. Abraham Lincoln

    ^ Lamebooks shitty poster.

  5. Don’t talk shit to Jenny Slade–ASSPOUNDER

  6. Offended by bacon? What?

  7. I think Zatknis is onto something, if they put pot onto pizza (song there somewhere) they’d sell twice as many! Now all we need is a free thinking, “down with the man” type of fella to think outside of the box and legalise weed.

  8. ^4 now I can say @dm1n, I can reply to your post…

    …wait for it…

    “…Butthurt @dm1n under new fake account…”

  9. awww, it’s fucken lost the moment now

  10. Jenny, shut the fuck up and eat a dick.

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