Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Power of Grandma

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  1. I would like her as my grandmother.

  2. I would like her as my fuck buddy.

  3. What a bad-ass. “Now be nice and don’t swear…..fuckcuntassholebitch! Love you!”

  4. ha ha ha best granny ever!

  5. why is that grandmother cool? if she was younger you would all say that she trailer trash. she’s just old trailer trash. if she stopped after the first paragraph, she might have been cool otherwise…next

  6. I’m trying to picture my grandmother talking like that…
    Now get a hold of yourself, bitch, life ain’t all that fucking bad!
    Now there’s wisdom

  7. I bet she owns a motorcycle.

  8. I bet she owns a cock

  9. Why does Grammy capitalize the T is shit? Hmmmm..

  10. Sounds like granma’s on meth.

  11. @ Mama2One – Emphasing that T, it’s almost as if she’s spitting on all that vampire life sucking demonic asshole world… Yeah. She’s that much of a badass I guess

  12. Reminds me a bit of my grandmother who suffers no fools and loves to rant. She still talks about people she had disagreements with 20 years ago, going on like “those bastards”, “the bloody bitch” etc in front of her great-grandchildren. Wish she was on Facebook.

  13. She reminds me of my mother-in-law…The last message my mother-in-law posted on FB to me consisted of jibberish where she wrote about how she needed to learn morse code and smoke signals. She did a shitload of drugs in the 70s and it shows in our daily conversations 😉

  14. What is that woman on? Holy shit.

  15. Why have we not come to the understanding that ‘liking’ a status does not me you ENJOY it. It does not mean that it makes you happy.

    It’s the, I am too lazy to actually post a comment, button.

    He could be simply showing his support. It’s not like the dude is HAPPY she is sad.

  16. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I spent 10 minutes trying to click like on Grandma’s comments even though I knew it was just a picture.

  17. @15
    I know, how dare they not learn the difference between the two. Jeez, people these days right. Did you already run granny’s whole message through spell check or should I? I thought she was cool but if she spelled something wrong…god help her right?

  18. Go granny. My paternal granny was a bit like this…very spunky. Still, as the cancer came, she, ironically, had to do what she petitioned and ranted so hard against: to lay down, die, and accept the world sucks. =/

    Too far?

  19. Vaugh…huh…what is he good for?!..absolutely nothing!…say it again! ..huh!

    Grandmas like this make me happy that we left my bile filled, hate soaked, old witch of a gran to waste away in a rank, urine plastered, old folks home ran by potential Dr Shipmans’.

    only joking…we killed her really, the rent on that shit hole was extortionate.

  20. Lmamofo Bahahahahaha 😀 vaugh..huh.. Good god y’all hahahahah

    But seriously, those old people homes are $250,000+ bonds in aust.

    And I love how the granny says ‘shit lightening and crap thunder’ like shitting and crapping are two separate things all together.. Hahahah.. Meh, either way, ima try work that into my vocab hahaha 😀

  21. Grandma was about to go Super Saiyan with that post!

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