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The Rough Stuff

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  1. thatfukkenfurry

    I don’t get girls that don’t want their men to watch porn.


  2. iamamofoisanunfunnytroll

    STEVER MOFUCKAS! Also,these are Lame. Hence the name Lamebook.

  3. thatfukkenfurry

    Yes, I read 100 pages. I think I got it by now. Just opening discussion.

  4. I’m a woman, and I don’t get the anti-porn thing either. It’s a totally unrealistic expectation, it’s not a threat to you unless they are total weirdos anyway and can’t delineate fantasy from reality, and if they tell you they don’t look at porn THEY’RE LYING TO YOU. If women would get over their hangups and check out porn once in a while they might find some they enjoy and watch it with their men.

    Bitches be crazy.

  5. @TurkeyVulture

    Couldn’t have put it better myself.
    Amen to that. 😀

  6. Agreed with TurkeyVulture.
    Girls who don’t want their guys to watch porn = controlling/uptight/ridiculously insecure.
    As a woman, I am happy to say porn is awesome.

  7. Agreed also. I watch porn with my hubby once in a while. But the main reason I support him watching it is so I never have to feel guilty about not being in the mood! Girls who don’t want their men to watch porn; do you put out every night? If not, then you’re a bitch.

  8. Mary got ‘engaged’ on April 1st.

  9. Tamara’s is actually kind of frightening, not funny…
    Although I personally don’t like porn, I don’t care what the boyfriend watches behind closed doors. And um, for the record, not offering yourself as a sex object every night doesn’t make you a bitch, regardless of your views on porn.

  10. Well, um, for the record, I stand by my statement. 🙂

  11. @hellababe – Amen to that.
    More women should take your advice. Couldn’t agree more.

  12. whoever believes an April fool’s proposal deserves having her status dizzier than a bipolar’s mood ring

  13. I don’t understand the porn thing either. I’ll fully admit the porn on my cable bill is mine, not my hubbys. I tried watching it with him once, but he kept critiquing them, and I got theory on it was “I like porn, I like this porn. wanna watch it and get freaky? cause that’s the end goal here…” and @Pterryn-what makes you a bitch is NOT putting out, but being PISSED if he watches porn to jerk off. If you don’t wanna get off, whatever..but that shouldn’t determine whether or not your partner can or cannot without you.

  14. Porn discussion, I like it.

  15. As heartfelt and genuine as Dales post is, a public arena is not the right place to express it. I do hope for his sake that everything worked out.

    I going to agree with pterryndactyl. I resent the “putting out” tag. Sex is something that I do because I enjoy it and it is not a duty or obligation that I have to fulfil. Fortunately I have a boyfriend who cares about my pleasure just as much as I care about his. I don’t mind the odd porn flick either.

  16. Pornography is the first step to being a serial rapist and killer. You’re going to need more and more to satisfy your demented urges. This girl is just trying to save him. Today, he holds his genitals, tomorrow…a screwdriver fresh with the blood of victims’ anal rearing and vaginal tearing. Dark days…

  17. Why is the last one on here? Is it because nothing is funnier than domestic violence? I’m disturbed by this.

  18. lol @ pep

  19. When planning the senseless slaughter of the mother of your baby in a drug fuelled hail of bullets always remember your manners and facebook message the silly bint a rundown of your plans, intentions and drive-by schedule… Remember politeness costs you nothing.

    Miscellaneous cheese reference.

  20. As a woman who watches her own porn, I do not understand the anti porn thing either. I do not understand being so insecure that you can’t stand your man looking at boobies he’ll never touch. It’s a fantasy. Hell, not only do I watch my own porn, I’ll watch it with you. It’s fun.

  21. littleredcorvette

    I agree that watching porn as a couple is fun. Women who demonize it don’t know what they’re missing out on.

  22. ugh i don’t like porn…am i weird…

  23. I don’t care if my husband (who’s 25 years old) watches it, cause even girls (myself included) watch it too sometimes! Plus there is no room for insecurity in a relationship 🙂

  24. I watch porn all the time whether I’m single or in a relationship. I love watching it with my boyfriend when I have one. And, yes, I too am a woman.

    The domestic violence one is a little scary. Maybe that guy wasn’t being serious,but who the hell tells their child’s mother that even as a joke?

  25. ifitwerentformyhorse

    People who don’t like porn (to the point of being totally against their significant other watching it) are either a)totally uptight and don’t do anything fun ever, or b)incredibly insecure and feel threatened by the girls on the screen. I really think it’s a sign to get away from the person if they try to make you not watch porn.

  26. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Oh and the last post frightens me too. Really doesn’t seem like a joke.

  27. thehungrykraken

    I can’t believe people can be so uptight than to forbid their partner to watch porn! Unless it’s child porn or bestiality I really don’t see the problem.

  28. doctorchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Dude’s just scratching an itch. Pep makes a valid point though; if we don’t watch porn how will we think of ideas to make our rapes interesting and entertaining?

  29. The last one is kinda just scary…I really don’t find the humour in it :/

  30. MsBuzzkillington

    I used to be someone who thought that porn wasn’t a big deal at all, it can be a healthy release to get yourself off and fantasies are just fantasies. It’s not like the person watching porn is cheating on their significant other. However, I don’t think it’s COMPLETELY safe/okay/carefree.

    I started thinking about sex in general. To be honest I’ve never had it, I definitely am not the attractive type. So when I watch it, I am constantly comparing myself to it. Like, well my boobs don’t look like that, my vagina doesn’t look like that… I definitely don’t make those kind of sounds when being pleasured, I can’t deep throat that deep. On and on and on. I can’t imagine that I am the only person in the world who forms an unrealistic expectation of sex from watching porn- all aspects of it.

    It’s a lot like the sex industry and advertising in general.

    I mean, I say let people watching their porn if they are so dead set on it. But don’t go around calling people stupid and uptight because it sends a bad message/or whatever it is you think people are dumb for not wanting their partner to watch it. It does have negative consequences, whether you really want to believe it or not. (and it’s not for all people either)

  31. There is honestly nothing wrong with watching a little porn now and then. I am perfectly fine with my boyfriend watching it and I do to occasionally. It’s a lot like alcohol, a little from time to time is fine, it’s when it becomes an addiction that it becomes destructive.

  32. You say you don’t want your partner to watch it, but the following two things are true:

    Over 90% of men watch porn
    You can’t expect someone to change for you

    So have fun finding your mate from the 10% of men who don’t watch porn. Let me know how that goes.

  33. @catee 90% of men watch porn…10% are lying

  34. I’m a woman, 24 years old and I’m not sorry to say that I’m against pornography, and I’ll tell you why. It involves confessions from Ted Bundy. The man needs no introduction since we all know who he was. Bundy admitted to getting into pornography at the age most young boys do – around 12/13, which is “normal” in our culture. He started by reading Playboy and looking at images. As the images weren’t enough for him he turned to videos, again a normal transition for most men who get into porn. Bundy became so engrossed with pornography that he needed harder stuff, which turned very dark very quickly. He would find and watch hardcore videos where they played out rape and murder fantasies. When the videos weren’t enough for him he decided to act out on his fantasies…
    While we all know that watching pornography doesn’t necessarily make you turn into a rapist and murderer, nobody can deny the fact that pornography led Bundy to commit his disgusting crimes. Yes, he may have been a sick person from birth… but you have to wonder if he never got into pornography would he have committed those crimes they way he did? Research his confessions after his arrest if you want the full, gory story. As a woman that story horrified me, especially since people are so quick to defend pornography. It’s because the people who defend it are into it and they don’t want to be associated with the bad eggs that come out of those situations. If you admit to watching porn you are not necessarily a bad person, just a human with a natural curiosity towards anything sexual. But please beware of the darkness that can come from those videos. The pornography avenue is not entirely “harmless”, as I have learned from the Bundy case.

  35. Wow Carbon, way to base your argument off of one example, compared to the other 99.99^9999999999999% of people who look at porn and aren’t crazy. Sorry, but there were very likely many other factors that led to this guy being crazy. Quite frankly, your argument makes as much sense as saying that Grand theft auto makes kids shoot up schools because they learned to kill in the games. Or saying that if someone tries a bowl of weed or a shot before the age of 21 they’ll turn into psychotic crack heads with 16 illegitimate children and a membership in the crips. If you’re as insane as he was, viewing porn or playing a violent video game is just a pathetic excuse to try and divert some blame. He would have acted out on those urges eventually. Want proof? When did videos like that first appear on the internet? Probably in the past few decades. When did violent sex acts begin? Probably around the same time as humanity.

  36. Carbon, are you some kind of stupid?

  37. I had a feeling somebody would bust out the, “so then you’re saying smoking pot will lead people to become crackheads etc.” comparison. No, do not drag drugs or video games into this conversation. They are two completely unrelated things. There is no argument about that. I already said “you are not a bad person if you watch porn”, and about Bundy that, “he may have been a sick person from birth”. Since I already acknowledged those things in my argument… well, the following reply made no relevance. Yes, it was one example, one horrific example. If I wanted to I could dig up more factual stories if you want but I was disturbed enough by Bundy’s. If this topic interests you then by all means do the research yourself. The argument here is if there is a link to sickos acting out from stuff they saw in pornographic material and if porn is harmless. In the end it’s a debate of morals. I do not watch porn because I don’t see value in it. Watching other people having sex isn’t my idea of a good time.

    Hey Kerijan, you can jerk yourself off into the next century for all I care 😉 I know you’ll have fun doing so.

  38. Interesting how your argument has changed from how terrible pornography is because of the actions of one person to you don’t watch it because its not fun

  39. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @carbon – Uh, no, Ted Bundy led Ted Bundy to commit his crimes. Most people watch porn, and most people are not psychotic criminals. You don’t have to watch it, but don’t pretend you’re morally superior just because you’re a prude.

  40. Agreed that expecting guys not to watch porn is silly. The only things I don’t like about porn are that now too many guys expect zero pubic hair and think that all women should orgasm during (or even like) anal. No offense if you are a lady who likes those things, of course, but not everyone does. Bring back the ugly, hairy people doing shot-on-film vanilla porn with “plots!”

  41. pphhooeenniixx

    omg I am a woman and I watch porn, therefore I am super cool and unique! any girl who doesn’t watch porn is a prude bitch!

    good for you if you like to watch videos of people humping…I honestly find it boring and no, I don’t care to watch porn and I’m a woman. My man doesn’t need porn to be satisfied either. If we want to see two people fucking we just set up the mirror.

    He has watched porn, as have I, but now doesn’t need to. I can give him what I need and not make myself uncomfortable trying to be the “cool girlfriend” and watch fuckmovies together…no thanks, we have better ideas of fun..that involve ourselves fucking. yap.

  42. pphhooeenniixx

    If I do find him watching it, whatever…I won’t be comfortable but I can’t stop him so..

  43. I have to agree I didn’t like that my boyfriend were watching porn, it’s just so unrealistic. So I tried to watch some erotic movies with him, but he was too shy… So we made our own sexmovies, so now he can watch “porn” as much as he wants, and I don’t have to worry anything, and he is pretty satisfied too 😉

  44. To the last poster…I realize this is really late…but you are a moron. First of all it’s totally “unrealistic” for you to believe that his pornographic needs are being met by watching grainy video of your/his ass bouncing up and down for three minutes. Secondly, there is nothing wrong with guys watching porn, and until we as women grow dicks we won’t know what their sex drive is like. He isn’t cheating on you or even looking at the woman in the film/pictures as anything but a fantasy. And further more,if you want him to never ever watch or look at porn again…be DTF whenever and however he wants it…get yourself some wigs…because you aren’t being fair to him by taking that outlet away from him…oh and to the major moron who equated pornography to the development of serial killers…recent studies have shown that on top of being sociopaths they also really like to lie…and as it turns out most serial killers are just assholes who thought they could get away with being monsters…stop watching Criminal Minds and pick up some books…and seriously stop giving men a bad rap for masturbating…the sexual revolution goes both ways sisters…for every fucking “Shade of Grey” and “Twilight” lets go ahead and let them have “Debbie Does Dallas” and “Deep Throat”.

    A chick disgusted by all of you…

  45. As a woman, I have to say that porn is okay in my books, feel free to watch it and read it – I know I will. Then, what on earth is going on with Mary?

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