Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Seed is Planted

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  1. No wonder I saw Lamestbooker and Steeeven huffing flowers at the park the other day!!

  2. So, my GF got TWO facials last night. One from me and one from our garden!

  3. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMM, Stever is a dick!!!! Fuck ‘im.

  4. The comments are becoming less the posts and more about Steeever and his clan. I’m starting to wonder if he didn’t create the other accounts himself for the sake of attention (and I do like some of his comments). Either way, it’s fucking annoying. Lovers of Steeeever, haters of Steeeever, get your own website and you can spew vitriol at each other all day. It’s boring. *yawn*

  5. *about the posts

  6. You can’t rape the willing. So if you saw me huffing flowers, it was obviously consensual.

  7. Yeah but big bro joined in.

  8. #4 At least they’re not out doing drugs. If they did that they would be cool and might get laid. We really don’t want anything that might give them a chance to contribute to the gene pool.

  9. I heard about a young girl in India who Gang Branched…

    Fuck Off.

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