Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Shares that Scare

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  1. I had a dream last night that I had to buy tampons. Isn’t that interesting?

  2. hey hey hey, its hacked albert.

    I know that wasn’t funny. sorry.

  3. you got to shave to wear a dress like that and i don’t mean your legs..

  4. I prefer wax. I have seen those dresses without panties and razor bumps do not do justice for you down there!

    Yes Albert was hacked.

    Yeah Hobes that is a lil’ strange. I can’t say I haven’t had weirder dreams than that though.

    Marco’s isn’t as bad as what happened to me. I actually SEEn how big my dad’s sick was. That is one of those things that you wish you could forget, but for some reason you can’t.

    I guess that’s because I seen it so much.

  5. The first one is a quote from Bethenny Frankel on her show “Bethenny getting married?”

    It was funnier when Bethenny said it since she was 7 months pregnant going to her bridal shower…

  6. Hi I’m not a troll, I don’t don’t live under a bridge and eat little tampons… I also don’t demand condom tax off dogs who venture onto/over my home looking for anal sex! And my name is not Anonisgayisgay!

  7. Now that you have that out of the way. . .

  8. Blue nails gets awesome points for quoting an awesome movie ;-D

  9. Here is today’s Porno Birthday:

    Jayna Oso – 29 – The bday girl has been drilled and filled more than a mouthful of Billybob Teeth in 341 fine films including:

    – A. N. A. L #4: Wrong Hole
    – Down The Hatch Vol. 11
    – The Abominable Black Man 2
    – Grand Theft Anal
    – Plump Poopers 4
    – Analgeddon Vol. 2
    – Wax On Whacks Off
    – Ass Good Ass It Gets
    – ATM City 6
    – Sophia Has A Negro Problem Too
    – Go Ahead – REAM ME!

  10. Who leaves used condoms laying around? Seriously? Was this condom used? Because that means technically Jessie (assuming it is a guy, even with the girly spelling of the name) shot a load down his dogs throat.

  11. Hm..

  12. Bahaha. Beer and apostrophes don’t mix. DOG’S throat. DOG’S.

  13. @ number two… that is gross!.. i mean am i wrong but it sounds like someone’s been screwing the pooch! Literally!

    And marco’s mum… ewwww! Yuk! Way too much information.. i would of run as soon as she opened the crisper! lol

  14. I tried that “oh the dog must have eaten it” excuse once but my old lady didn’t fall for it. She kicked me out of the house for two weeks! She wouldn’t even let me sleep in the dog house. I had to sleep on the back porch in a sleeping bag. Real talk.

  15. Only two weeks!? O M G!!!

  16. Thank you defectiveuser

  17. @Walter: Been listening to too much Blink-182, have you?

  18. You can clip that pesky tampon string shorter… thats what the strippers do. Don’t ask my why I know that, but I do…

  19. Marco, there are carrots, and there are CARROTS. You haven’t given us enough info. Should I be sending your mother congratulations or commiserations?

  20. Walter, if you weren’t married, I’d marry you. Real talk.

  21. Remember that time when anonisgayisgayisgay said something about alordslums and ……….

    ……… Ah fuck it, I’m off to screw the pooch with my carrot FOR THE FIRST TIME, I jest, done it loads of times.

  22. If I had a tampon in, I would also probably have underwear on, so it wouldn’t really matter if the string was longer than my dress.

  23. Underwear, EmKitt? Awww, you’re no fun.

  24. Thanks word, now I have to remain seated. Too much on a morning, too much 🙂

  25. @word

    I have a no-fun policy at that time of the month.

  26. If Cassie were wearing a tampon, I’d pull it out with my teeth, it would look like i’d eaten a bowl of spaghetti Bolognese, Messily

    Jessie’s Dog is a sausage dog.

    Marco should count himself lucky with the old carrot demonstration, my old man ‘showed’ me the extent of his wedge himself, repeatedly, over a five year reign of terror.

  27. If I had a tampon in, that would also be the first time my butthole being penetrated. I like carrots. Does that make me bi-curious or just someone with serious father issues?

  28. @ eusadnama: I REALLY don’t think the dog ate the condom. Read that post again…

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