Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Vagina Monologues



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  1. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @mccowles – granted, it is different but the principal is the same. It’s still public, it’s still the *world *wide *web, and just because there’s no photo next to your comments about reusuable pads doesn’t make it any more appealing to the people that have to read it.

    All that aside, you make me laugh normally. Let’s not menstrual matters get in the way of that 🙂

  2. Damn, I had a lot of fun reading this post- some of the comments are hilarious/brilliant… Although the knife scraping scenario… well YUCK!! D’:

  3. 1) That douche conversation was hilarious. I am still wiping the tears, OMG

    2) I know now WAAAAAY too much about some of you, lol. I am a female and by no means a prude but if ya’ll are waiting for me to chime in with details regarding which feminine hygeine products I use for my “yaya” you might as well stop holding your collective breath now. Eewww

  4. i filled my inscription page 15 minutes ago.my life will never be the same again.damn you lamebook

  5. so … what exactly is the scent for easy?


  6. OMG I saw those cloth pads before. Sure they’re cute but you can’t show them off. I mean not if you’re wearing it. Well you could but why would you, you sicko? Also, I gotta bring my laundry to a laundromat so I’m not taking dirty pads there! I’m all for the planet but

    As for the other one.. I’ve never tried a douche. What does summer smell like anyway? Flowers and grass?

  7. I forgot to finish that sentence. *but sorry not in public.

    And I was gonna go on to say it’s like the cloth diapers. Wayyy too messy to be doing that. Maybe if I had my own washer and dryer but it’s too gross to take in public.

  8. Hey shampoo, the sequel to your movie is out soon – conditioner!

    The smell down there I reckon is based on your diet intake. I once went down on a girl who tasted like cinnamon, the cookies we’d baked earlier in the morning. To the poster who said someone tasted like chow mein – she had it for lunch? And for all those tuna smells…. well that’s probably it’s usual smell hahaha.

  9. Vagina Monologues for the WIN!

    Well we’re on topic, I would find bacon scented vagina just irresistible.

  10. The best douche fragrance is ‘Country Fresh’

  11. Scented douches were designed for men with ugly girlfriends so they can pretend they’re anywhere else but having sex with a woman who normally smells like vagina.

  12. Also, I’d like to see an ‘Urban Fresh’ fragrance. I feel unrepresented.

  13. txikiwi: that is true, your dietary intake does influence the taste of your respective parts.

    I hear that eating a lot of pineapples makes it taste godly

  14. The pineapple thing is true. Or just Pineapple juice (drink it, don’t douche with it) lol

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