Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Worst Thing

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  1. First world problems from a drama llama duck face. Probably posts things like “I’m soo ugly” for attention. Yeah probably eats children too…probably.

  2. I think the worst thing ever is a damned hangnail.

  3. Or lamebook.

  4. You’re the worst thing ever.

  5. Go to and look for “Annoying Facebook Drama Queen”. Hi Erica, yeah, your ears are burning for a reason.

  6. So, do we find Erica in the “Orange County Strippers” section, or the “Bachelor Party Strippers” section?

  7. lol

  8. @beat, I’d say we find her in the ‘bored spoiled friends of Rebecca Black’ section, reppin Anaheim Hills and stuff, shorty.

  9. Or when you’re in class and your calculator stops working …

  10. hate to brag, but I’m pretty sure I’m the worst thing ever.

  11. Fuck all y’all. I am today’s iPhone 4S winner! Suck it.

  12. nope msanne, you’re definitely not the worst thing ever!

  13. I like how her friends mock her

  14. hey, did you win a phone or something, Bacchante?
    I hope you did.
    and wouldn’t it be totes awesome if it was the last one Bi Sheng Tai put together before he threw himself from the roof of the Foxconn building in utter despair?
    that’s pretty spesh and I’m fucking jelly.

  15. You have a unique way of looking at the world, MsAnne. I would NEVER have thought of that. Now I’m going to have to smash it open when it arrives and look for a teeny tiny suicide note.

  16. In my professional opinion the worst thing in the world is when your cum sock goes all crusty and starts reeking of a stagnant piss filled pond.

  17. Man, a nice Taiwanese company gives a young guy a job where he has to stand for 10 hours (minus breaks totaling 2 hours), and he jumps off a roof.
    Kids these days.
    I know many guys who did 10-hour dismounted patrols with 100+ pounds on their backs, in 120-degree (F) heat, for a fucking year or more. Prolly got paid less than Bi, too. But he probably had it worse.
    And hell, they even installed suicide netting! I mean, WHAT!? How much more fucking magnanimous can you get??

  18. it wasn’t the working conditions, they just found out that the target market for their toils was a pack of indolent, gen-Y hipsters.

  19. ^ First world problems.

  20. HA! Now see, that’s some funny stuff! I hate gettin’ all serious and shit – went through that for far too long. Don’t let me do it again. Bitch. 😉

  21. ^ More first world problems. Geez, people.

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