Friday, December 16, 2011

Woh Man!

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  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHA…..yeah, no. Not funny.

  2. Enough with this Penn state shit. Fuck. Not funny any of the 12 times it’s featured.

  3. Sounds like someone was sodomized in the shower and it made them cranky. . .

  4. Whatever

  5. Can someone explain the Penn state joke? Guessin’ it’s an American thing…

  6. @crusty – I too am not American and did not understand the Jerry Sandusky reference. But then I heard about this thing called a Google – you can ask it questions, and it tells you the answer! I can’t believe I never knew about that Google thing before. It must be new or something.

  7. @crust – Yes, it is an American thing. Please don’t laugh at our jokes.

    @peda – You’re walking a thin line there with your new google. You also should refrain from laughing at our jokes.

  8. @Crusty – He’s a pedophile who works as a coach at Penn State. He raped a bunch of little boys and only now got caught. Many of the rapes occured while his wife was upstairs and the heartless witch never helped the boys screaming downstairs.

    They both need to be thrown in jail. Bet she got off on it too since she wouldn’t help.

  9. How is this lame? Or a fail? Or funny? Seriously lamebook you can do better

  10. @ Pedantrix – are you one of those anally retentive people that gets annoyed because someone doesn’t to it your way? N’awwww. Go suckle some tit for a couple more years and keep your bullshit, non-helpful answers to yourself. My question didn’t offend anyone, and didn’t need your fucking arrogant reply. Prick.

  11. ^It offended me.
    Stupidity offends the shit out of me.
    And you have lots of sheer fucking stupidity.

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