Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Zombie Prince of Bel-Air

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  1. vaginalroundhouse

    So true, Lori from Walking Dead is useless.

  2. ^Andrea kicks some ass, though.

  3. and in the graphic novel – Michonne.


  5. vaginalroundhouse

    Exactly, Michonne needs to appear where she slices, dices and fucks her way around.

  6. Follow me and davis on twitter he is funny im not @jacobwstphl @davismoore17

  7. ^ Quit spamming.

  8. fuck off no. 6 you virgin

  9. Wtf is with all this zombie shit?

    Why are people so worried about zombies? They move so slow…like running from a turtle. Seems dumb to me.

  10. not all zombies are slow. and zombies have been represented in many ways. also if any fuckers trying to bite me I’ll hit it with whatever the fuck I can

  11. If the world is going to suffer an apocalypse my vote is for zombies. It seems a hell of a lot more fun than an ice age or a pissed off jeebus. Thank you, Hollywood.

  12. Also, vampires are undead and drink blood, and zombies are undead and eat brains. Why is it that everybody wants to bang the glittery vampire? Where’s the zombie love?

  13. I agree with @remarkablerocket, zombies would be a great ending to humanity.

  14. zombie love – h ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iiZbA9YdKE

  15. Ewwww. Zombie love? So his arm falls off while we’re doin’ it? No thx.

  16. jacobwstphl…neither of you are funny. And, thanks for your kind offer, but I ain’t gonna ‘follow’ you on fucking twitter.
    What I would like to do is follow you home and punch you in the throat. Fuck the fucking fresh fucking prince of bel fucking air. Wasn’t funny the first eleventy-thousand and eighteen times. Isn’t funny NOW.

  17. Zombies are boring

  18. *gasps* BLASPHEMER!!

  19. Wow I can’t believe my post actually made it on here haha. For everyone who posts shit that isn’t funny suck it!!! But for real tho follow me on twitter @davismoore17.

  20. Also add me on Facebook since I clearly spend too much time on the internet, and need more friends. So what better way then to get invite total strangers to friend me on the internet. But seriously… Davis Moore. Add me. Right now.

  21. I’d have to make a facebook account to add you.
    and I’m not quite enough of a tragic sheep to do that.
    But, if I *did* bother to do it, I’d just use it as an opening to gain your trust enough to eventually find out your home address.
    Then I would wait until a suitable dark night and I would come to your house and I would sodomise you with a machete. And then I would hack off your head. After I got done with some serious corpse mutilatin’ I would display your severed genitals as a trophy.
    Because it is black history month, you spamming motherfucking cuntstain, and I’m gonna go AFRICAN on your ass.

  22. oh fuck, you’re oh so cool and against the grain “i dont have a facebook account” .

  23. Really, Flames? That’s the most you got out of Anne’s post?
    The stuff that shocks kids these days bemuses me.

  24. If by ‘against the grain’ you mean not fucking stupid enough to freely give any of my information to that fucking Zuckerberg asshole, then Yes. I am so cool and against the fucking grain.

  25. I’ma laugh so hard if someone fucks up Davis Moor with a machete, you’d be totally fucked MsAnne.

  26. because I’m omnipresent? yeah, that makes it pretty hard for an alibi to hold water.

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