Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TMI Tuesday



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  1. hey, where did flexo go. I was waiting for a rebuttal.

  2. Although I’m totally stealing that last line from flexo to use as an everyday insult- “you are a bigger asshole than Hitler”. LMFAO

  3. damn

  4. why can’t anybody be decent anymore.. she goes around with no bra on and then even posts about it… ugh……..

  5. That goes without saying, but wanker trolls with cavernous sobering vaginae have a hard time sitting on stools. Don’t they?

  6. bong.

  7. @ 64 — of all things in this entry to gripe about, you chose the fact this woman does not regularly wear a bra??? that’s a gift on a winter day

  8. Yah but shes a prego 68

  9. yech

  10. true mikey, true

  11. mikey lavey you assholes, you are bigger dooshbags than that asshole Silvertone. yuse yer gotdamn brians!

  12. looks like i spoke far to soon

  13. Brians = cabeza? Or did you brians (sic), yah wab.

  14. I like turtles.

  15. Hey that was funny, I commend you fake flexo.

  16. Flexo is such a Paulbag

    I don’t wear a bra if I’m comfy at home, or sick in bed. However, I’d never leave the house without one. Nor would I if I was pregnant. I’m more less disturbed a grown man shit his pants, because he couldn’t hold it any longer. O__o

  17. lol welcome to my world just one more hand i can hold it just one more hand i can hold it… oh crap.

  18. hey fake flexo, i’d never say looser you retart. you are the biggest asshole on here.

  19. somebody please bismarck flexo.

  20. and i just lost the game… so so lame

  21. We can register! Praise Jesus!

  22. @ Flexo

    Look it up.

  23. At last…this site has registration! No more clones!

    Come back Mr Haiku!

  24. @ Ratcoons widow, LB jumped the shark a loooong time ago. (well, long in the sense of internet time) x)

    I miss the real boz, Mr.Haiku and silent koala. Also others that I can’t think of. I miss when I was the only one with nothing amusing to say.

  25. *when I just read the witty comments and agreed. I made it sound like I’m tryin’a be soo oldskool. I was really just bagging myself out and praising old LB comments. WTF LvH? and now I shut-up.

  26. Of all the things I have ever said, they put this up? Ba ha ha ha ha Funny shit.

  27. @Lisa

    So glad you have a sense of humor about this. So many people put ridiculous, lame, and inappropriate things on Facebook (hence the need for Lamebook), then come on here and are completely shocked and appalled that it’s been posted here. Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity. 🙂

  28. Lisa, we live in a society that thinks breastfeeding is akin to shitting or fucking. A lot of real grown-ups.

  29. What is wrong with breastfeeding? Especially in public places. I have respect for those women becuase they dont mind flashing a bit of boob to innocent bystanders. God bless them! *TEAR*

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