Thursday, February 23, 2012

To Do

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  1. I’d like to thank god first and foremost, my parents, Lamebook, of course Facebook….um if i forgot anyone I’m sorry ! Woooo I did it. I’m #1 !!!!!!!!!!!

    But yeah awesome setlist.

  2. Go to the concert and enjoy it. Who the hell cares about grabbing the set list? It’s not like the artist is going to ever say, “Yeah, I remember you. You were the one that took the set list after New York. You ruined my tour after that, you jerk!”

  3. beatusmingus=officially trying too hard

  4. Jenny = Fuck off.

  5. I feel like picking any two consecutive titles off this list also yields some odd images. “Chop Suey Lonely Day”, “Forest Science”, and “Tentative Cigaro”, for example.

  6. I’m not exactly homeless, but that list also has a fair bit of my daily routine on it, too.

  7. Wow. Just Wow. No wait. How jejune.

  8. that is actually an awesome setlist. i would pay to see it.

  9. just noticed in the pictures under the actual post, that there is a two headed “cat/dog” like chick on there. wtf………

  10. ^what are you talking about?

  11. ^ Forget what he’s talking about. Why on Earth would someone put a VTech engine into a Bowler?

  12. ^you’re reading that wrong. I took it that he is a leg spinner who has been fitted with a VTech engine to create the ultimate fast bowler/leg spinner.

  13. Methinks that bowlervtec was distracted by advertisements for Wahoha et al.
    Way to be totally mundane and easily led, bowler.

  14. Myers Park, Queen Street. Is this Auckland city NZ??

  15. Um… Is it just me or aren’t those the names of songs by System of a Down? I agree with the photo’s comment, but seriously… Just making sure. So not only are they talking about homeless people, it seems like they even got the name of the band wrong. Or I am a complete idiot. One of the two.

  16. ^Serj Tankian is the name of the lead vocalist/songwriter for System of a Down. Not that I’m saying you are, but according to your post and deductive reasoning, you are a complete idiot. Cheers 🙂

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