Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tooooo Much

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  1. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    The idea of someone named Brodrick consuming massive amounts of protein perfectly fits the “meathead” stereotype. His parents just set him up for that one.

  2. insert clever name here

    @spinach dip – Just out of curiosity, what makes you think I am male?

  3. ICNH, you take things WAY too seriously. I don’t have a pool, either.

  4. I’m over the Frodo references, it’s time for something new

  5. insert clever name here

    @spinach dip – Perhaps you’re right. Carry on then.

  6. Shepee was fucking brilliant. I think that’s an awesome invention! Right on, Shepee inventors! Hahaha.

  7. @wordpervert – ur gay and so is Frodo

  8. @ Senible Madness “Christ on a cracker” lol

    I think i love you

  9. Of course Shelly and Nick are in the same house you fuck wits, and their bedrooms are separated by their parents room, the same parents that is.

  10. NOTE TO MY HUSBAND: I would not appreciate receiving a she-pee for my birthday. Just thought I better let you know.

    Kara, you should really meet Bobby Brown who alleges he pulled a turd from Whitney’s arse in the name of love. you two seem to not have any boundaries where love is concerned.

    Brodrick, you have been drinking too much KoolAid with red dye number whatever in it. Every time I let my kids drink a particular flavor of Koolaid, their poop turns NEON green. They are five and nine and find neon poop very funny and conversation worthy. Which leads me to a question – Broderick, how old are you?

    My Treasure
    My Gem
    MY GAWD! Blech

  11. Off topic but has anyone introduced Ben and SpinachDip? They seem to have much in common, mainly a fondness for foul language and yelling.

  12. I was on the inside looking out for you
    You were on the outside looking in
    We were a witchy coven of white women
    We knew a lot about a regional sin
    We were protected by the police crime wave
    Gangster computer with a bloodied touch
    There were so many of us
    Or not enough
    Or maybe much, too much
    Too much, too much!

  13. @21: I assume you’re either the girl from my Facebook, or somebody else who absolutely loves to bang on about how awesome it was to spend all night cuddling with their boy/girlfriend in your status, therefore fuck you.

  14. @ the same person as BritishHobo is referring to,

    A big fuck you from me to you as well

  15. BritishHobo definitely has a pool…

  16. my god.

  17. um…. ew

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