Monday, August 31, 2009

Tootally Over!


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  1. LOL!!!!!!

    This has made my day!

    Facebook is soooo being abused to abuse people ..

  2. Funny but I smell fakeness!!

  3. Well scripted! NEXT!

  4. If we used farting as a way to decide sexual attraction, no female would ever be attracted to a guy. Ew. Human windbags, I tell you.
    But this is hysterical, nonetheless…

  5. So, is he trying to make it seem worse by SAYING she keeps farting ON HIM? or does she actually fart on him?

  6. @5, she probably wouldn’t even fart in his general direction, and now he’s all dickhurt, so he has to make shit up.

  7. I’d say he’s too close to her arsehole!

  8. Sounds like someone let a bunch of second graders have facebook pages…

  9. is this a fail or a win?

  10. I agree with Flip and the others. Funny but this has got to be fake.

  11. What the fuck society?

  12. C`mon Mimi, you are defending the farting girls of the world. It happens, everyone farts!

  13. @12 yes, but not everyone has a partner who bitches about it on Facebook!

  14. Maybe the real story is more exciting. Maybe Leigha is really a man, but as a favour to the feelings they once shared, James is willing to pretend it’s about flatulence.

    Everyone deserves to be happy.

  15. queef?

  16. totally fake

  17. @Boz I like how you’re trying to turn this into some twisted story about gay men with one of them pretending to be a woman. good on you for trying to make lamebook a more interesting place

  18. you'll thank me later

    @15. Lol. It’s just wrong.

  19. James for the win!

  20. @naaaice

    It’s… what I do.

  21. Hmmm…I reckon it’s fake. Or done just to get on Lamebook.

  22. Which would mean it’s still fake anyway? My bad.

  23. I’ll say this, if people are really making fake posts to make it on lamebook, our world will not last much longer, because our future leaders are pathetic. Pure dewshes.

  24. No, actually, this is pretty real. James is a DJ at a local college radio station, as are Chris and Jenn. I worked with them.

  25. Bahahaha!!

  26. wow that last comment is brilliant

  27. oh snap! Gotta love it.

  28. Yep its true, I work with all of them at the college radio station as well..

  29. flatulence is part of life n love… probably reminds him too much of his mother so he has to et her go

  30. People who hide farts, hide secrets…

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