Monday, October 26, 2009

Twilight Saga: And so it begins…


Tune in for more Twilight posts.

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  1. Alex is such a gimp.

  2. How judgmental of all of you. Hardly any mention of the kid committing a crime by drinking underage, yet you go after Twilight like it actually matters. Of course each and every one of you would scream blood murder if someone attacked something YOU enjoyed. What hypocrites.

  3. OWNED!

    ps drinking underage? since that’s new…

  4. Literally the best idea anyone has had!!! ever

  5. John Players Standard

    Werewolves are humanoid beings walking on two legs. The lolwolves in Twilight were just stupid old wolves. Fuck I hate those piece of shit movies.

  6. Actualy i’m a guy who’s read the whole series, it’s quite good actualy, and i’m well versed in literature, to the point where i have a very large personal library, oh and there aren’t any werewolves in twillight, they’re actualy shapeshifters who just happen to change into wolves.

  7. I’ve read the series, too.

    But the fact that you like something as frivolous as Twilight shows your literary qualifications in very poor light, friend.

    If I had the chance, I’d sue Meyer for wasting my time, damn it!

  8. Lovely. Some people just ask for it.

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