Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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  1. No not really. If that’s what you thought then please accept my apologies.only being honest. I’m feeling good and alert after sleep 🙂

  2. Ms…still talking about me i see, but if you would excuse me , i have a life to get back to…enjoy your Lamebooking today Ms and the rest of your buddies MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH.

  3. Bye sababe?

    Anyone like cheesecake?

  4. I make an excellent cheesecake.

  5. What flavour? I’m trying go make a mango macadamia ATM.I think it’ll set :s

  6. BORING posts.

  7. Whatever happened to that other guy with the muscles :p

  8. Is the third one a picture of Shrek and Princess Fiona mugging Bill Crosby?

  9. ^ No… That’s P-Diddy not Bill Crosby.

  10. the folks who run this fine establishment are from austin texas so they are probably on a bender at south by southwest. might explain the lack of new posts.

  11. MsAnne… you hadn’t noticed we had already stopped?

  12. My head hurts.

  13. Whoever is responsible for this; you’re all cunts.

  14. Yeah yeah Sam. I’m here :d just call!!

  15. ^ You say you’re muscular, but whether that’s true or not…your smiley depicts someone trying to lick what I can only assume is the jizz that you snorted out of your nose after having cock rammed deep down your throat. Licking it from your chin like this :p is much more acceptable. 😉 (That one has jizz in his eye)

  16. 😀

  17. A common mistake in life people make often, is Failure.

  18. ^Point proven.

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