Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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  1. Ai fort pepul gt bord of dese munfs ago?

  2. ColostomyExplosion

    Not right for this site.

  3. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    yeah there are rather strict rules when it comes to exploding colostomy bags. Unless it happens whilst being frisked at airport security.

  4. Why doesn’t everyone speaking in a language other that English on these threads go fuck themselves?

  5. Chinga tu madre

  6. #6, perra

  7. Puta

  8. Ever wonder why the supposed organization for extremely intelligent people is called “Mensa?”

  9. … Wow, I never thought about that. Haha that’s kind of awesome.

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  11. Go to Hell, AlstonRaquel. Spammer.

  12. @nycbunny, who said we don’t?

  13. Perdón… @nycbunny, ¿quién dijo que no lo hacemos?

  14. Ich verstehe dich nicht, nycbunny.

  15. wtf? Barbie’s knees *do* bend. That talking toy is wrong.

  16. ^ Yeah, backwards!

  17. I think bone marrow is a perfect substitute.

  18. “He loves that area” LOL

  19. That fat fucker Mr. Potato Head has a bit of a chip on his shoulder…

    What?..Fuck off the lot of you.

  20. Jokes on you Cheesus, he doesn’t even [b]have[/b] shoulders…bet you feel silly now. heh.

  21. have ?

  22. ohhh it’s the “<" and not the "[". And it's all in bold already. woops.

  23. ^ idiot

  24. butterscotchcandy

    Pfft, when have these guys ever called Slinky Dog anything besides “Slink”. I call fake.

  25. <3

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