Friday, May 13, 2011

TypOH! Time!

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  1. Mickey has to learn another language. I’d give up on english if I were him.


  3. 1 – boring
    2 – made me chuckle
    3 – didn’t bother to read it
    4 – don’t get it


    Lamebook, you’re lame at lamebooking

  4. I guess retarded now is spelt ‘retared’. The irony of accusing people of ‘retardness’ and being a retard is part of Facebook nowadays, tho. People tend to insult while projecting their own glitches.

  5. Everyone knows it’s spelt retartet. What an idiot.

  6. god, i hope Mickey’s native language is not english. That’s just disgraceful. I could understand if he was using big words but the word “place” is kindergarten knowledge

  7. I don’t think a non-native English speaker would write like Mickey does. Holy shit, I mean, I’m not native in English, but my spelling is way better than his! At least I try to spell correctly and if I’m unsure I check!

    And writing like that is damn hard to read!

  8. MsBuzzkillington

    I am going to go get a drink of water because, well just because. I don’t need to justify myself!

  9. ifitwerentformyhorse

    I don’t think Mickey speaks any language, period. I think that ’cause well yeah just ’cause alright I don’t need to fuckin’ justify myself.

    Wait, I did that wrong… I need to go back and misspell the shit out of everything.

  10. Hey Mickey! Jennifer is trying to get your attention!

    By the way, lost things are always in the last place you look because most people stop looking when they find what they lost. If you went ahead and kept looking in other places then it might not be the last place you looked … not that you have to justify yourself!

  11. I think the first one was on here long ago. Maybe not? Back to my concocktion.

  12. Mickey: tfs;dr

  13. I’m commenting on this post because, well yeah just because all right? I don’t need to fucking justify myself.

  14. I think we have a new meme. That’s how you nail internet fame.
    Micky is a pro, he dont needa fkn justify himslf.

  15. Justification is for retareds.

  16. I’m almost positive that Mickey was typing like that intentionally to poke fun at people who do type like that, or to get on Lamebook.

  17. @jeffreyd–If he wasn’t doing that on purpose I’m pretty sure that his case justifies euthanasia.

  18. Mickey is seriously a fucking idiot. Not only did he/she waste his/her time with an illogical and illiterate post but he/she didn’t think to get someone to RING him/her? Then when the Lady Gaga/Beyonce/Kanye West ring tone goes off… Or is that too much for him/her too?

  19. I’m pretty sure Jethro typed like that on purpose…going for irony……or something.

  20. MsBuzzkillington

    Having someone call you to help you find your phone doesn’t work when

    A. The phone is dead
    B. The phone is off
    C. The ringer is on silent

    so, dragonfly… your go.

  21. squeakychicken

    C. The ringer is on silent

    That’s why I love “Where’s My Droid”. Free app that will take your phone off silent if you text it a preset phrase.

  22. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Is time for tea and crumpets already?

  23. Could someone actually translate what Mickey was trying to convey?

  24. Okay, so like the other day, right? I’m full, just looking for my phone and stuff because…well, yeah, just because…alright, I don’t need to fucking justify myself. Anyway, I was like, full looking, and like three years ago, my great grandfather said “Look, it’s always the last place (I don’t know how to spell ‘place’ so fuck you if you don’t like it) you look.” And then I looked everywhere and then I remembered EXACTLY what he said right? And so I did it and it helped me find my phone.

  25. @squeakychicken
    There is an app that takes your phone off silent if you text it?
    But how to text when you’ve lost your phone?
    Never mind. -Are there any crumpets left?

  26. wow… thank you purpleglasses 😀

  27. Mickey’s post is fake, right?

  28. Mickey you prickkk. God I hate shorthand posts -_-

    I don’t see why people write like that, it doesn’t make them look cool, it isn’t quicker and it isn’t more interesting. It just makes you look like a dyslexic school drop-out.

  29. Anyone else think that Mickey is just Irish ?

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