Monday, January 13, 2014


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  1. And Steeeevser!

  2. If you get a tattoo that says fuck the systsem it’s your fault if the systsem rapes you.

  3. Nelda P. Richards

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  4. If it’s anyone that can Fuck the systsem it’s Andrew. He also fucked the English language, irony, future employers and gave a big finger to all his teachers (both of them)

  5. The tattoo could be that of someone else’s and he’s making a point that the world is full of stupid people…

  6. It’s his profile picture

  7. Isn’t it, like, a joke… ‘fuck the system, by spelling it wrong’?

    And also funny because of the futility of using vacuous phrases like ‘fuck the system’, which are essentially meaningless and often used by people who actually work in a shop and live pretty square lives, much like the futility obliquely referenced by such a pathetic misspelling?

    Or am I reeding too much into this?

    Also, Steever’s mum must be the system, because everyone claims to have fucked it.

  8. The Beast Among Us

    Perhaps he’s pissed at the tattoo guy for spelling his tattoo incorrectly, and that’s why he says the world is full of stupid people. The picture was posted the next day, but the tattoo could have been done days earlier.

  9. Haha. He thinks he’s clever by spelling it wrong. Fucking the system of language. . . The world would be a much better place in anarchy. Grunts and gestures galore. Fucking hilarious. Shit, I better start lifting weights. This idiot actually lives.

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  11. By all means, go ahead and fuck the systsem, but be systsematic about it – oh, and wear a condom.

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