Thursday, December 27, 2012


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  2. ^shut the Fuck up^

  3. And, Matt, you’re already counting the days, Mr. Pot calling the Kettle “black.”

  4. If someone said that weak shit to me in person I’d probably punch them.

  5. Please make it stop

  6. sack up and fight the power nancy

    He’s merely commenting on the social situation in which people often criticize those who merrily decorate prior to “traditional” holiday standards. In which case they are seen as overly cheerful, or “rushing” thanksgiving along. He is being facetious in the manner of the holiday spirit to which we truly don’t understand like those “pre” decorators. But in fact he is speaking in the persona taken on by sarcasm. Thus he is not sincere, nor is he unaware of the offense taken by some. Good show my good man.

  7. For fucks sake, Mook. If you’re gonna spam at least get a proper translation and quit using babelfish.

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