Friday, August 10, 2012

Still Trying to Understand Women

Some of our previous efforts…

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  1. This is fake. Chapter 1 is twice that size.

  2. No, its fake because “Understanding women” is written on the outside of a 6 pack, to give you something to laugh about while you do something more important than bleed from your mangina.

  3. Did TI000’s fake comment already get two likes?

  4. Understanding women is overrated. Live by the 4 Fs. Find them, feel them, fuck them, forget them.
    -Matt Damon

  5. fail

  6. Four F’s only apply when you’re like 15 dude! Now that you’re older it’s time to grow up. No need to understand women. It’s their job to understand you, and submit to your every desire, to be your slave, if you will. Give a woman a beer and ya got 5 left, teach a woman to fetch beer and you’re fucking set for life bro!

  7. If most men could just read the directions and follow them from the Find the G Spot chapter that’s all they would need!! Lol, good at that you really don’t need to understand the rest!! 🙂

  8. How about fuck you. Stupid sluts.

  9. #7 – One can’t just walk up to a woman and start searching for her g-spot. She has to be naked, first. That’s where the charm comes in. Once she’s naked, and she’s shown he knows how to satisfy, then she’ll follow him around like a hungry puppy.

  10. ^you know beat, lies of that magnitude and caliber are generally only told by 17 year old virgins to other, younger virgins.

  11. ^ MsAnne’s best pickup line: I SAID I’M DRUNK, DAMMIT!!

  12. I don’t use pickup lines, beatus. I’ve never used a pickup line, beatus.

  13. ^ Well, then that’s your problem. Maybe you should try one sometime, and someone might actually give you a second look.

  14. we´re totally screwing you all. it´s a decoy so you never know we really are not that complicated. We get away with loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooads of shit because of that

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