Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Virgin Hairy

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  1. I don’t care if her name is Kaffee. She still needs to be my grandma.

  2. Unicorns are likes donkey’s but have tighter vagina’s.

  3. I want whatever she’s on.

  4. Awesome Grand-Mother!

    My real question is, what was the actual hair? Jungle bush?

  5. I thought the grandmother was kind of embarrassing, but Taylor’s response I found funny.

  6. Why would you think the grandmother’s response is embarrassing? Nevermind, I forget how many kids post on here.

  7. I’m not a kid, but I still think it was embarrassing if she really believed that legend. Although I suppose she could have been joking, in which case it’s less embarrassing. Either way, if you have to say “nevermind [sic],” you could just erase what you typed earlier, then we really never would have minded because we never would have seen it. See?

  8. It’s pretty clear to me that Granny is into animal porn.

  9. Now that is embarrassing. But I guess she’s from different times…all the men were off at war… I won’t judge.

  10. Kinky, but not embarrassing. And by the way, if Nirvana can spell it Nevermind, it’s ok in my book.

  11. Hush now with that nonsense. We all know Kurt was a rule-follower, a straight arrow, that one. Surely he meant the noun form, as in “it makes no nevermind.” That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it. 🙂

  12. “plastic baggie…” baggie?

  13. Seems like grandma is german, and erin is an Aussie.

  14. grandma was obviously joking and it was a sly old joke as well. Taylor’s response FTW though. Great post.

  15. A baggie is a little plastic bag, saffer, usually that seals on top. Like a sandwich bag. A Ziploc bag. Also: for storing marijuana. As I’ve seen on TV.

  16. #15 Yeah you are right, that is how they sell it these days. I’ve seen that in my local coffee shop, when I was getting a skinny soy latte to go.

  17. Don’t forget Mason jars and other such jars!

  18. if I had a dime for every new word/ term/ phrase I learnt from lb…

  19. Grandma’s comment was neither embarrassing, nor kinky, and if you don’t get the point she was making then that’s pretty sad.

  20. ^ I think you’re missing an ‘ed’ in your username

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