Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wait for it…

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  1. Big fat titties.

  2. Root beer flavored Bottle Caps candy. That’s what it was.

  3. “Big fat titties.”

    *looks around frantically like a dog looking for a treat*

  4. That’s how you save, for you know, 2077.

  5. apb – just type “porn” into a search engine.

  6. “Better than a broken bottle to the calf I suppose haha.” Blue is now tied with Bashar al-Assad for least funny person on the face of the Earth.

  7. Damn strait!
    Are you fucking kidding me?

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  9. What Keith replied, that my nipples have been smothered in grease and duckfat and my sneaky uncle gives me $40/ hour. Easy !

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