Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wait, what?

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  1. It’s perfectly reasonable for nature to elicit a sense of awe. For this reason, the transcendentalists saw spirituality as a byproduct of our communion with nature. However, this person has probably never heard of Emerson, much less read anything by him. This person’s just an illiterate cunt who was raised to be “religious.”

  2. And on the eighth day, the Lord saideth, “let there be darkness where light doesn’t permeate stuff.” Aside, “lol, these people are eating this shit up! Speaking of food, how about a space burger for dinner? ……… negative sounding mumbling on the space phone……… Damn it, Stacy, You’re the one on a diet! Why do I have to suffer?”

  3. o wow coolio lol

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  5. Of course science doesn’t make a lunar eclipse happen; it makes it predictable.

  6. God is a DJ!

  7. “Damn it, Stacy.”

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