Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Way to Go!

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  1. Fake.

  2. Wait…wait…don’t tell me…Elisabeth’s last name is Mackay.

  3. Believing in ‘GD’ is a sign of ignorance.

  4. Someone doesn’t understand abbreviations. Here’s a hint: “GD” isn’t short for God…

  5. Someone needs to understand humour. Here’s a hint: It’s you.

  6. Someone fucked Elisabeth. Here’s a hint: it was me.

  7. Ignorance abounds.

  8. ^yep. I have no fucking clue what the knobheads are talking about in the first one, and it feels fucking awesome.
    I’m going to enjoy this feeling of unencumbrance until some cunt bumbles along and feels the need to fucking educate everyone.

    as for number two(s), was this a product placement for skype or something? other people daring to do business? what a pack of fucking hipsters, eh submitter? you should type up a nasty, bitter rant about how their attempt to get some work done mildly inconvenienced you one day.
    no one will think you are jealous, bitter little failure at all.

  9. ^He didn’t say they were hipsters because of the business meeting on Skype, he said they were hipsters because of their business. How do you know what the business is, smartass? It could be a coffee shop that only allows people with t-shirt tux’s and gay mustaches for all you know. It hurts to read your posts sometimes.

  10. ^you’ve not had many meetings, have you? I cannot for the life of me imagine why.

  11. ^hipster

  12. hah. hipster’s wish they were me.

  13. Everyone wishes they were me

  14. the second one is most likely a repost since I have seen it posted by a half dozen people in the last week or so… and they all claim to be the true witness of this…

  15. Did I say anything about meetings? WTF? You display a lack of even a modicum of intelligence. I feel sorry for you, I really do.

  16. Hawkbit. No one wishes for permanent brain damage. Kind of ignorant of you to think so too.

  17. you don’t even know what a meeting is?
    I’m not sure how to process communication on your level, heifer.
    What do we do here?
    Is there an interpretation website that can make your ignorant gutter droolings worth my time?

  18. So the other day I was in Starfucks drinking a skinny decaf mocha choca latte with cinnamon sprinkles discussing my new Socialist Tie Dye Shirt business (or STDS for short)when some capatilist cunt tells me he’s just bought my Domain name!?

    Ah well I guess trysomestdstoday.com was just never meant to be.

  19. I had an online meeting with all of your mothers.

    It was about a new service I’m setting up to allow mothers to discuss their uncontrollable / socially retarded children and how to encourage them to move out before they’re 30.

  20. Here’s one for you, 9’s gonna come in and say it’s robotic whatever ass fucked all your mothers, but that doesn’t matter, because “9” doesn’t fucking count.

  21. ^then stfu up about it already.
    I mighta mentioned it earlier, too, but I’m done with it now.

  22. fuck you, maybe I wasn’t listening, whore 😀

  23. Selfish prats who have their skype business meetings in cafés deserve to be shunted out the door. They’re nearly as bad as the cuntish women in their oversized sunglasses taking their wee little angels to cafés for babyccinos.

  24. ^fuck you’re a horrible, uncharitable drunken wench, with a bitter outlook.

  25. 22/F/Peering through your window. Again.

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